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Welcome to Canny Food, an independent North East food blog written by a Geordie lass about her culinary exploits. The website was created as a response to the many requests for recommendations received on Twitter and Facebook for places to eat in Newcastle. Since its inception reviews have been added for well known restaurants alongside some you may never have heard of.

Since a few members of our family are vegan we have also started to add plant-based recipes to the blog. These will be found in the Uncategorized section of the site.

Reviews are grouped in the following categories – Family Day Trip Idea, Light Bites, Afternoon Tea, Posh Scran, Sunday Lunches, Breakfasts and Dining Out. Rather than the blog being limited to the Toon you will find suggestions for all around the region.

Canny Food is something we take seriously, and all our reviews are honest. If we have been invited to review an eatery we will say so in the post. Even then the words will be ours, not theirs. We can’t be bought that cheaply!

If you’d like more information on PR opportunities or would like to work with Canny Food, email us at contact@cannyfood.co.uk.

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