Vegan Afternoon Tea- Super Natural Newcastle

Who doesn’t love a good afternoon tea? It is one of the traditions that is guaranteed to put a smile on my chops. That said, not all vegan versions are as exciting as those featuring decadent cream cakes and I’ve been served fruit skewers and sorbet in the past. I didn’t get my enviable figure (I jest) eating pineapple on a stick, let me tell you! Super Natural, one of Newcastle’s longest running vegetarian/vegan establishments, recently announced they were also going to venture into the world of cake stands and dainty china and I was excited to see what was to feature on the menu.

I took a non-vegan along with me as I wanted to get an honest opinion on Super Natural’s version of this British classic. 24 hours notice was required for booking, so a little bit of forward planning was necessary. She’s a bit of a cake expert, and I was intrigued as to what she’d think of egg and dairy free cakes. When I saw mention of Egg Sandwiches I was a little bit perturbed, having not been a fan of these pungent sarnies even before I was a vegan. Of course, everything produced for this afternoon tea is vegan but there is something in me that still recoils at the substitutes for animal products I wasn’t overly keen on before I made my switch.

Thankfully the sandwiches weren’t too ‘eggy’, although my sister begged me to swap so she could have these instead of the Hummus variety. I’ll have to find out how Super Natural made these as they got a big thumbs up from Lucy.

The array of treats on offer for just £14.99 per person (including unlimited tea or coffee) was vast, and even with our impressive appetites we knew it would be a struggle to finish. There is the offer to take home a ‘doggy bag’ if you are bested, although something like the Trifle may be a little more difficult to transport!

The savoury items were just as interesting as the sweets available, with the Empanadilla garnering particular praise from Lucy. I sometimes find vegan scones can be dry, but Super Natural’s were baked just right and were served with dairy free spread and fruity jam.

Both Lucy and I have a bit of a sweet tooth and there were certainly enough desserts to keep it satisfied. Dinky seemed to enjoy the Iced Pumpkin Slice, whilst the traditional Victoria Sponge went down a treat. In the end we decided to focus on sampling the Trifle and the Lemon & Ginger Cheesecakes as we didn’t know how they’d be boxed up for us. Whilst both were enjoyable, the Trifle was our clear favourite. We hope to see it become a permanent feature on Super Natural’s festive menu too as reminded us both of one our dear Mum used to make when we were kids.

We felt Super Natural offered excellent value for money and the staff were as hospitable as always. The cafe has a community feel and it is great to see more events and different menus being trialled by the team. I’m personally looking forward to trying out the first Sunday lunch when it officially launches in a couple of weeks. There’s mention of vegan Yorkshire Puddings! Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more information.

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Pip x

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    Afternoon Tea! VERY NICE!


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