Vegan Afternoon Teas – Yes, they do exist!

I have been asked so many times what foods I miss.. One of my favourite things to savour is an afternoon tea, and I thought without dairy and eggs we would find it nigh-on impossible to source a suitable alternative in the North East. How wrong I was! Here’s a round up of those we’ve either sampled or have been brought to our attention in the last few months. I hope you enjoy!


Camber Coffee, Newcastle

Recently launched by Camber Coffee, we popped along to be the first to sample their vegan afternoon tea in the city centre. With a choice of sandwiches, salads, and cakes to form the basis of your own cake stand this offering is excellent value for money at £20 for 2 people. You can read more about our visit here.

The Bohemian, Newcastle

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I don’t think much more is needed other than the photo above. If you need further embellishment you can read more about my afternoon tea at The Bohemian here. Even my non-vegan friend was agog at the egg free meringues and cakes, and she’s not one that is easily impressed.

Chaia, Gosforth

Another fine example of a pretty good dairy and egg free tea you will find here in the North East. Decadent cakes and filling scones adorn the cake stand, while savoury options that include vegan cheese alternatives mean that you won’t find soggy cucumber sandwiches here. You can read about my birthday afternoon tea here.

Jesmond Dene Houseimage Jesmond Dene House is one of my favourite places to visit, so it was great to find out that they could create a vegan afternoon tea for Mr. Canny. It is on the expensive side at £25 and felt the sweet treats on offer were slightly disappointing compared to others we’ve encountered since. image The sandwiches and scones were delicious, although I was surprised when dairy butter was served up after we’d reiterated several times there was to be no animal products used. Still, if you have a special occasion coming up and have friends who don’t share your dietary requirement, this is the perfect place to go. You can read more about their afternoon tea here.image The Great British Cupcakery, Newcastleimage Having to book nearly 3 weeks in advance to secure a weekend slot for an afternoon tea, vegan or otherwise, is a sign of how popular The Great British Cupcakery are. At £20 per person, it isn’t exactly the cheapest option we’ve featured, and booking is essential if you want a vegan afternoon tea or want to reserve a table. It gets very busy!
image The ambience isn’t quite Jesmond Dene House standard, but the cake stand treats made up for it. It’s such a shame we felt rushed to finish, with people standing over our table while we drained the dregs of our teapot off. image We struggled to get a refill on our tea without going up to the counter to get some service. Mr. Canny and I both had a vegan tea, while the Teen had the vegetarian version. Everything featured was the normal size they sell over the counter, not some miniature version. Great for cake fiends like us! Pictured below is the vegetarian version, which the Teen had.

imageIt was all very delicious, but I’d recommend visiting on an empty tummy. We were allowed to box up our leftovers to take home for later, which was a bit of a relief as the tea featured a lot of sugar. Sandwiches included vegan cheese and hummus, which even the Teen liked. The vegan brownie is superb, and is something you can often buy from the counter if it’s available.

imageTheir vegan chef works specific days, so there isn’t always an option. That’s why giving them notice is essential. The scone came with coconut cream so didn’t feel like we were missing out on the proper experience. image It was great to see there wasn’t a huge difference between the vegetarian and vegan afternoon teas from GB Cupcakery, which there clearly was at JDH. No fruit skewers here 🙂 image South Causey Inn, Durham

A recent addition to their repertoire, the vegan afternoon tea available at South Causey Inn is one of my favourites. Great value for money at just £18.95 per person, you will probably have to wear a pair of stretchy trousers if you want to eat here. You can read more about it here.

The Green Room, Middlesbroughimage

We’ve been reliably informed that The Green Room has one of the best afternoon teas in the North East! We certainly enjoyed the cake they served when we visited for Sunday lunch back in June (see post here). At just £15 for two people, it’s excellent value for money. With assorted sandwiches, crisps, savoury & sweet canapés, salad and cake, make sure you’re hungry when you visit! There’s a more boozy version with Prosecco available at just £17.95, should you be so inclined.

Six Baltic, Gateshead

imageI’ve posted a more comprehensive review of the wonderful alternative afternoon tea Six Baltic provides, which can be read here. I hope these photos tickle your taste-buds in the meantime, but it’s fair to say that I’ve been wowed by what they had to offer. I didn’t feel they had made any compromises on what was presented, and it was also excellent value compared to some of the others we’ve tried at just £16.95 per person.image

Bojangles, Sunderland


Afternoon tea is available all day at Bojangles in Sunderland, so long as it is pre-booked. Their afternoon tea is just £9.50 per person for the dairy or gluten-free option. The cake stand features a selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones with a pot of tea or coffee. Vegan treats include cupcakes, peanut butter and chocolate brownies, carrot cake, cheese and fruit scones, raw fruit and Snickers Bar. Sandwiches usually feature hummus & roasted veg, vegan cheese & salad and avocado. You can read more about our trip to Bojangles for lunch here.

Tea Sutra, Newcastle

I had the pleasure of being invited along to try out Tea Sutra’s vegan afternoon tea during Vegan Restaurant Week. Priced at just £10 pp (minimum of 2 required for booking), I was impressed by the standard of the food being served up. With a wide selection of teas to chose from – as you’d expect from a tea house – the whole experience was relaxed and informal.

The sandwiches were unlike any I’d ever had in all the afternoon teas I’ve sampled in the North East, and I’ve eaten a few! Tomato Bruschetta and Tapenade were the highlights, and were bursting with flavour. No limp loaves here, with chunky bread forming the basis of the tasty savoury selection. Booking is necessary.

The Running Fox, Felton

It might simply be they were having an off day or that my own plan change really threw them, but I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed by the vegan afternoon tea on offer at The Running Fox. Normally famed for their exceptional cake stands, I was left feeling letdown when I was presented with ours. At £27 for 2 people it wasn’t the cheapest on this list either.

Super Natural, Newcastle

Super Natural have recently added a rather abundant afternoon tea to their roster. I took my sister along with a rumbling tum and we still couldn’t manage to finish off the vegan feast on offer for just £14.99 per person. You can read about our experience here.

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