1901 Caffe Bistro – Jesmond

imageAs new parents, long lie-ins on a weekend are a thing of the past. Instead, as I’m up with the larks, I like to have a nice breakfast with Mr. Canny to compensate. As we were ready early last Sunday morning, I convinced him we should venture through to Jesmond to try out 1901 Caffe Bistro. This is somewhere I’d previously visited for cake and hot chocolate, but never for ‘proper’ food.

imageAs it was sunny, the cafe’s outside seating had already been taken. I was thrilled we managed to get parked right outside, which compensated for having to sit indoors. These days prams and buggies are a pain to get in and out of cars due to their size, so the fact we could carry Dinky still in her seat was a huge bonus for us. Thankfully inside is cool and bright, so we didn’t feel like we were missing out. In fact, since my last visit there has been a refurbishment, and I was quite surprised at how pretty the interior was.

imageI contacted 1901 to enquire if their veggie sausages were vegan-friendly, and they responded quickly to say they were. Mr. Canny had their Vegetarian breakfast without eggs and Halloumi, and he was offered spinach and extra Hash Browns to compensate. I ordered the same, and asked for no eggs or beans. I was offered the extra spinach too. It’s great when places accommodate ‘fussy eaters’. There’s Eggs Benedict and a full English for meat eaters amongst other things on the breakfast menu, too.

imageI’ll admit it took a while for our breakfasts to arrive, but we weren’t that bothered as we managed to catch up with a friend who had coincidentally chosen to eat in this beautiful cafe at the same time as us.

image imageThe breakfasts were good, but felt for £8 it was a little on the expensive side. My Halloumi was grilled, which meant it had a ‘squeak’ to it, but it worked well with the meaty substitute sausages and spinach. I liked the banger too. Both came with a round of toast, which Mr. Canny had to have dry as there was no alternative to butter. (We have returned since this post and found out they do have non-dairy spread on offer all the time. You can read our updated post here).

imageThere some lovely looking gluten-free cakes in the display cabinet which we were tempted by, but because there was nothing the Mr. could eat decided against it. I had space for cake, sure, but not enough for a whole slice to myself.

imageI had a delicious Banana, Orange and Strawberry Smoothie with my breakfast, while he had a soy milk Latte. The two breakfasts and drinks came to a shade under £23.

1901 Caffe Bistro is a lovely place to visit and it’s great that they have vegan options. The ambiance and relaxed atmosphere make it worth the extra pennies, although it’s a shame they don’t have any cake options for those who can’t or don’t eat eggs or dairy.

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