Baobab Bakery, Heaton

imageIt’s not very often I find myself eating in a place I can’t pronounce, but Jnr and I visited a cafe on Chillingham Road this week that I’m pretty sure I’m going to get completely wrong if I say it out loud!

imageBaobab Bakery came to our attention thanks to a Twitter follower extolling its virtue. Having seemingly exhausted the options for breakfast on Heaton Road we needed somewhere new to try, so hit the next road along to see if it lived up to the praise he heaped upon it.

imageWe arrived just before 10am, and I was desperate for a bacon sandwich. One of the joys of pregnancy has been not worrying about my weight and eating as and when I feel like it. That’s not to say I’m stuffing my face with cream cakes all the time, but if I fancy something I’ll usually succumb. When Jnr saw there were pancakes on the menu he was pretty pleased, so we were both accommodated. The Full English is available, as are vegetarian options. As Mr. Canny – who is the only one who eats the full shebang in our house – wasn’t dining with us we went for the smaller offerings. Baobab has a few tables to the rear, which means on a Saturday there may not be queues out the door as other eateries in the area encounter. They aren’t open on a Sunday or Monday, as an FYI.

image imageMy bacon was served on their sourdough bread, which was so good I decided to buy a loaf while I was there. Jnr was full of praise for his pancakes, which were light and airy. I think he could have lived without the dusting of icing sugar over the top as he had his maple syrup to drench them in, but that’s a minor criticism. Both bacons were deliciously crispy, which is just the way we like it. We also had a pot of tea and a hot chocolate, and purchased a Caramel Shortbread for Jnr as we left. I stole some later in the day and I can say with some authority that it’s one of the best I’ve tasted locally.

imageimageThe total bill, with the extras, was just over £19. Baobab isn’t exactly cheap, but the food they serve is of a high standard. Having visited on a quiet morning I’m not sure if there’s a bit more ‘atmosphere’ on a weekend, but if you’re wanting to eat somewhere quiet (apart from Radio 6 in the background, perhaps) then Baobab would certainly be more preferable than the hipster haven that is Butterfly Cabinet.

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Pip x

P.S In a strange coincidence the Twitter follower happened to be there when we visited, so I finally got to meet a person I’d been conversing with for years.


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  1. North East Family Fun

    You certainly get about – can’t beat a decent bacon sarnie though (agree bacon has to be super crispy).


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