Harvest Canteen, Jesmond

imageThere are times when I wish I liked coffee, but no matter what type I drink I can’t develop the taste. I’m quite jealous when I’m out and about with Mr. Canny when he gets to try out lots of different blends. One place which is fantastic for a cuppa is Harvest Canteen, located in Jesmond. I suggested this location to Katie (Lady from a Tramp) for Sunday brunch last weekend when our first choice wasn’t open. She was able to grab a spot right outside which, considering how notorious Jesmond is for parking, was a stroke of luck.

image image Owned by Ouseburn Coffee Co., we’d both heard good things about their grub. We managed to grab a table at the back of the coffee house and tried to decide what we were going to eat from the menu. Admittedly there’s a limited food menu and if you go wanting a fry-up you’ll be sorely disappointed. The hot options are healthy, clean and fresh. Katie chose Avocado on Toast, while I had a Ham and Cheese Croissant. Because I’m caffeine free with the bump I was limited in my drinks choice and the barista suggested gave Mint Tea a try.


imageHarvest was busy when we visited, and we waited a while for food. We occupied our time with a good old natter while we sipped our drinks, and we could see the food being prepared behind the counter. The couple beside us asked about their food order, which seemed to speed things along for us. Platefuls of Poached Eggs with Spinach trotted out one after another, which is clearly indicative of how popular it is.

imageOn my way out I picked up a Brownie to take home to Jnr, which took my grand total to a little over £8. Having trained as a barista myself when I was a student I can say that these guys know how to make a decent cup of coffee. Harvest is all about great presentation and attention to detail, but it is by no means style over substance. It’s just a shame there’s no bacon on the menu or this beautiful coffee shop would have become my go-to place for brunch on a weekend. Who knows what their future food menu will feature though 🙂

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