The Herbivore Kitchen, Edinburgh

We recently took a trip up to Edinburgh for the day and were greeted by a plethora of recommendations from Happy Cow on where to eat during our visit. As soon as we arrived I was hangry and decided to pick The Herbivore Kitchen for brekkie. Instagram was the decider for me, spotting plates of pancakes in their feed. I love a good stack!

While not a vegan cafe, Herbivore Kitchen highlights which dishes can be veganised on the menu. With options like Cranachan, an all-day breakfast and lots of cakes, it was hard to decide which direction to head in. Figuring that we’d be doing a lot of walking round the city, something substantial was definitely the order of the day. I plumped for the pumpkin pancakes with Sgaia bacon, while Gavin selected his with haggis and homemade beans.

Still craving something sweet, we both ordered milkshakes which were made using oat milk. It was good to see Herbivore Kitchen using paper straws, something I’ve been mentioning recently in the restaurants we’ve been dining in. 

The pancakes were made using pumpkin as an egg replacement, which meant they were quite filling in their own right. Coupled with meaty bacon, banana and sweet maple syrup, I felt like I’d not be hungry for the rest of the day. Had I known it would have been such a substantial plate of food I’d have probably avoided the Oreo milkshake! 

It was the first time I’d tried Sgaia’s substitute and I’ve subsequently bought it for a weekend fry-up. It definitely needs to be crisped up during the cooking process, but the bacon flavour is there.

Gavin also struggled to finish his plate, although he persevered as he loved the vegan haggis. As a non-vegan he is finding all of these new foods I’m introducing him to a revelation. 

We felt the prices were reasonable and we were impressed by the quality of food at The Herbivore Kitchen. They even do a vegan Sunday lunch, complete with egg and dairy-free Yorkshire puddings. How amazing! A great option for food in Edinburgh whether you’re just visiting the city or a local.

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