Skippers Cafe, Whitby – Man versus Breakfast!


Having posted about Whitby on a few occasions (see reviews of Humble Pie ‘N’ Mash here and The Magpie Cafe here) I was worried we’d run out of places to eat while visiting this pretty seaside town in North Yorkshire. Facebook came to the rescue with its weird and wonderful way of throwing up pages to like, and suggested Skippers Cafe.
imageA simple scrawl through their Facebook page piqued my interest, with mentions of food challenges like The Trawlerman and The Kracken. On many occasions Mr. Canny has said he has a limitless appetite now he’s a vegan, and I wondered how accurate that was. Seeing that Skippers already had a vegan breakfast on the menu, I sent a message and asked if it was possible to create a dairy and meatless version of a challenge.


The Trawlerman, which is priced at £19.99, must be completed in 30 minutes to get your meal free of charge and a £20 cash prize. You also are awarded the honour of having your mugshot on the wall of the cafe, immortalising your feat! A plate filled with 8 rashers of bacon, 8 sausages, 8 fried eggs, 8 hash browns, 4 pieces of black pudding, 4 half tomatoes, 4 servings of beans, 4 portions of mushrooms, 4 slices of toast, 2 pieces of fried bread and 2 pieces of buttered bread are all you have to plough through 🙂image

The Kraken is – as the name suggests – a monster of a breakfast, and is completed in teams. If this is something of interest check out their Facebook page, where there’s a video of some famous American competitive eating dude taking it on.image

There were messages back and forth for a couple of days about what could be used to substitute the eggs, for example, as this was the first time someone had requested a vegan version. Even as a veggie the Teen isn’t keen on eggs, so it was easier for us to all eat the same thing.


While the challenges are a big part of what Skippers is about, the standard menu is what most people who walk through the door were partaking in when we made our trip. The portions are still massive, with one lady thanking the owner for allowing her to share the epic Fish & Chips her husband had ordered as it was too much for one person!image

To illustrate the point, this behemoth of a burger was served up to one hungry customer. A large appetite is a must for diners here. image

There’s a real family feel to the cafe, and Dinky was certainly welcomed. Richard, the owner, is very hands-on and discussed what he had created for us. image

With 16 Linda McCartney sausages, 8 hash browns, 2 veggie burgers, 4 portions of scrambled teriyaki and herb tofu, 4 servings of mushrooms, 4 halved tomatoes, 4 portions of beans, 4 slices of toast and 4 pieces of buttered bread, it was definitely going to take the three of us to manage this beast! Everything had been considered, even down to the dairy-free spread on our bread.

imageI was particularly impressed with the flavourful scrambled tofu and the vegetable burgers, which were delicious. We took our time to eat this plentiful spread as we weren’t trying to win any prizes, and even then we struggled to clean the plates. I don’t like beans so left those to the Mr. and the Teen, and even Dinky helped out with them. I think there were a couple of sausages, some toast and beans left by the time we threw in the towel!

Our only disappointment came from them not having soya milk, which meant Mr. Canny couldn’t have a hot drink while he was there. Everything else was well thought out though, and I was even surprised at the vegan spread on the bread.

imageMr. Canny was a bit miffed I hadn’t asked for a doggy bag, but I didn’t want to carry the leftovers round Whitby for the rest of the day. It was a valiant effort on our part, but we’re clearly not as gluttonous as we appear. While £20 may seem steep for a breakfast, it actually cost just £6.66 each. We were ready for a nap afterwards, although the sea air helped clear away the sluggish feeling once we left the cafe.

We’d highly recommend a visit to Skippers, and thank Richard and his team for making us feel incredibly welcome. He’s put a lot of thought into this little cafe, which has been open around 18 months. With USB charging ports next to some of the tables, the Wifi password helpfully displayed on the wall and offering discounts to Pokemon Go players, the younger crowd are certainly well taken care of!

imageimageimageimageimageWe couldn’t visit Whitby without a trip to the Abbey to utilise our English Heritage membership, as well as a game of Crazy Golf to round off proceedings. A lovely family day out was had by all, especially as the Teen managed to ‘bag some dank Pokemon’. Don’t ask!

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. Nicola

    Have you tried Whitby’s gluten-free Cranberry Swamp cafe? They serve Delicious Mexican eggs and fluffy pancakes with fruit and honey. I had both for breakfast when I visited earlier this year ?

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Gluten isn’t a problem for us, animal products are. We visited Skippers as they accommodated our vegan. Eggs, pancakes and honey – while nice – would not have been suitable for him. I’ll have to see if they have anything dairy free on the menu 🙂


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