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Here it is, a comprehensive list of the breakfasts available on Heaton Road. It’s a tough job, this food blogging malarkey!

The Butterfly Cabinet

imageFormerly know as Belle and Herbs when I was a student, Butterfly Cabinet is the place everyone recommends if you’re in need of a hangover busting breakfast. I used to be a big fan of their vegetarian breakfasts, especially the ‘facon’ they used. The breakfasts are available all day, I believe, which is great if you’re hanging and won’t surface until after midday. No matter what you want, it’s sure to feature on this mammoth laminated menu.

imageMy only gripe about this place is the fact there always seems to be a queue outside. You may argue this is a positive sign, but when you’re in need of a bacon sarnie the last thing you want to do is stand waiting for a table in the cold. It’s been like this for years, so you’d think the owners would have cottoned on to the old supply/demand conundrum and expanded the eatery by now.

Below is The Business – bacon, sausage, hash browns, eggs, black and white pudding, potato scones, beans, grilled tomato, fried bread and mushrooms. This is an astonishing £8.50, and I defy anyone to eat for the rest of the day after packing all that away!

imageIf you can get a table without elbowing an unwashed student out of the way this place is well worth a visit.

The Wild Trapeze

Having graced the pages of Canny Food before, Wild Trapeze definitely gives Butterfly Cabinet a run for its money in the breakfast stakes. The beauty of this place is that we’ve never encountered a queue when we’ve visited. A bonus when your tummy is grumbling.

imageTheir pancakes were fluffy and delightful, and the bacon crisp. There’s healthy options such as Spirulina Smoothies for the more virtuous among you. For a more comprehensive review, see here.

The Funky Duck (Replaced by Heaton Ingredient)

imageimageWhile the menu may not be A3 sized, there was still enough grub to tempt us to try Funky Duck for brekkie. Having visited here for burgers, I’d witnessed someone eating a breakfast and told Mr. Canny we’d have to return for him to try it out.

imageThe Skinny English he opted for certainly didn’t disappoint, and at £5 it was value for money. The sausages were of a good standard, and the bacon was crispy. I hate fatty bacon. The service was with a smile, which I often find lacking at Butterfly Cabinet. Go check it out.

Sky Apple Cafe

I can’t vouch for a Sky Apple breakfast, having never managed to get over from Gateshead early enough to try their offering. Available from 10 until 12:30, it’s bound to be a decent affair if their evening meals are anything to go by.

Cafe One20

imageA contrast to the quirky and mismatched interiors of Butterfly Cabinet and Wild Trapeze is Cafe One20, located opposite the latter. Their Full English is only £4.50, making it popular with the student population of Heaton. A foodie friend of mine recommended on account of their bagels. If the queue for Butterfly Cabinet is too much to handle, you could possibly do worse than wandering further along the road to give this place a try. I have been told they microwave the food though, which puts me off a return.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our round-up. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m off to make myself a bacon sandwich!

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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