The Good Apple Cafe, Sunderland

goodThere are a limited number of vegetarian and vegan eateries in our local area, so what does a food blogger do when she’s visited them all? Go again! Having previously posted about The Good Apple Cafe, Sunderland’s original veggie cafe, I decided to take Mr. Canny this time round as he’d not eaten here before.imageIt was a lot busier than we’d anticipated, but we thankfully managed to get a table. Other people were turning away as there are only 7 tables in this bijou cafe, and we struggled to squeeze in with Dinky’s buggy.

With plenty of breakfast and lunch options, it was difficult for us to decide what to try out. The fussy teen also didn’t help matters, with his desire on this particular day not to try anything that wasn’t carb-loaded. We managed to convince him to have something that didn’t include chips, so I think we may be slowly winning the battle!


It was good to see some games piled in the corner, which kept us amused while waiting for our food. A rather competitive game of chess ensued, and Mr. Canny was triumphant. image

The teen has recently come round to the idea of tofu, so chose to have the scrambled variety with his breakfast. Good Apple were accommodating in allowing us to edit their options to allow him the breakfast of his choice, while Mr. Canny had their Full Vegan (£7).imageCombining elements of what appears to be the most popular breakfast menu choices for cafes at the moment, the Full Vegan sees Avocado on Toast paired up with an English Breakfast. It isn’t to my taste, but Mr. Canny loved it. He said it wasn’t quite at Sky Apple’s lofty fry-up standard, but wasn’t far off. He forgot to ask for the scrambled tofu to be added to his, but I think there was enough food on the plate regardless. image

I was surprised the teen chose to eat the tofu, mainly because he shares my dislike of eggs. I will defend myself by stating I always tried to feed him foods I didn’t like in the hope he wasn’t as fussy, and it seemed to work for the most part. He’s always loved fish, beans and peas, which are things I can’t stand, so I did a pretty good job. He said the tofu was ok, but he couldn’t eat a lot of it because it reminded him so much of scrambled eggs. I gave it a try and I think next time we visit I might order this on toast. Mixed with Kale and black pepper, it is light and tasty.


Yet again I encountered and ate the dreaded chickpea with Good Apple’s lunchtime Burrito. Packed with this staple ingredient, along with a variety of beans (another one of my dislikes!), I was shocked at how pleasant the combination actually was. image

It was a nutritious lunch, but I definitely had room for a slice of cake afterwards. It wasn’t as filling as our favourite Zapatista burritos, that’s for sure, but it was still enjoyable.


With a range of cakes on offer, we were spoilt for choice. I bought a chocolate cupcake for the teen to have at home later on, and opted for a slab of the moist and delicious Lemon and Poppyseed to have while they were finishing of their game of chess. With a range of chocolate ‘strengths’, we’d also recommend you give their hot chocolate a try. It can be made using a variety of different milks too, which includes dairy and dairy-free types.image

At just under £37 it wasn’t cheap, but the food quality justifies the price. Good Apple have a lunchtime special of a soup & sandwich for £6, whuch is better value for money. I found the cake and coffee prices extremely reasonable however, given their city centre location and the fact they are predominantly vegan. Stand-out items on the breakfasts were the meaty substitute sausages and hash browns, which were of a better standard than we’ve encountered in places like 1901 Caffe recently. They have gluten-free items on the menu and baby change facilities. We noticed that Good Apple offer a suspended food and drink scheme, which I think is a fantastic idea. I wish more eateries would adopt this, and we were happy to pay for these suspended items when visiting.

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