True Coffeehouse, Heaton – A Revisit

It’s great to see businesses going from strength to strength, especially when they are offering something a little different. True Coffeehouse, located on Chillingham Road, has graced the pages of Canny Food a few times already and we were big fans of its vegetarian and vegan food. You can read about our first visit here. We couldn’t resist bringing you an update which, of course, required a revisit! Having undertaken some renovation work True’s team have remodelled its interior and also revamped the menu too.

With prepared sandwiches in the fridge as you enter, True are clearly trying to encourage more ‘grab and go’. Of course, those who wish to sit in and enjoy a leisurely latte with their food are also positively welcomed still. 

The new layout is more spacious, with the open kitchen situated at the front of the cafe now. True has retained its arty charm with works displayed around the walls, and it now feels fresher.

It was great to see vegan milkshakes on the menu and I tried out their thick and creamy Peanut Butter & Oreo while waiting for my Spinach, Mushroom and Vegan Cheese Toastie. 

Mr. Canny was super hungry and opted for their full vegan breakfast, which was served up for the first time on the day we visited. It is scheduled to make an appearance on a weekend going forward now, and is also available in a vegetarian version with scrambled egg.

With roasted pepper, avocado, tomatoes, aubergine and mushrooms, it is less fatty than the meaty version that is served in many establishments up and down the country. That said, it was no less tasty and Mr. Canny gave it a big thumbs up. 

It was also very filling, and at £8 was reasonably priced compared to others we’ve sampled in the area. Talking to Rachael, one of the owners, they may offer the breakfast at other times if it proves to be popular. It certainly seemed so, with others ordering it during our visit despite it being 3pm in the afternoon 🙂

There was disappointingly no room for their vegan Chocolate & Cherry Cake or Blondies afterwards, but it’s reassuring to see that there are dessert options always available. At under £25 for our food and drinks – which included 2 takeaway milkshakes (they were that good!) – we have always found True to be a great neighbourhood cafe. Their evening stand-up and music events will be starting up again soon, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more information.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x


  1. Nora

    Pip, most of your photos are misaligned. Love reading your posts even tho we aren’t veggies.

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      It seems to be happening quite a lot, especially on that post! I have corrected it so many times 🙁 Thanks for the heads-up again.

  2. Yvonne and Pete

    just got back from a brilliant night at True Cafe on Chilly Road in Heaton, 2 great live bands and a wonderful atmosphere


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