Vegan Breakfast at Sky Apple Cafe, Heaton

Jnr had something school related to participate in this weekend, which meant an early start for the whole family to get him over to Jesmond. I decided to soften the blow of the 8am weekend wake-up call for Mr. Canny with the promise of a hearty breakfast. We stopped off initially to The Butterfly Cabinet as it was the only establishment open on Heaton Road at the time. After waiting 20 minutes with the menu to order we gave up, and thankfully Sky Apple Cafe had opened its doors by this point. I told Mr. Canny there would be more vegan options for him in this solely vegetarian and vegan establishment than Butterfly Cabinet anyway, which had a paltry two dishes on its A3 menu for him.


The interior of Sky Apple has not changed over the years, and I personally like the cloud covered walls. I remember visiting the cafe many times in my vegetarian years and being happily sated by their comprehensive but brief menu. I took Mr. Canny along a while ago when he was still a meat eater and as we sat down he recalled the trip. He said he’d not been impressed with his food, but in light of his lifestyle change was willing to give it a go again.


The waitress told us that everything on the breakfast menu was suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as even their scrambled eggs could be substituted with tofu instead. It was obvious he was going to try the full works, having bemoaned the fact he missed a ‘proper’ breakfast the most since his transition. Porridge really doesn’t cut it on a Saturday or Sunday morning in the way a fry-up does! For those wanting something a bit lighter, there’s a Cake and Cuppa option for £3.30, which can be substituted for Toast or a croissant instead.


Bucking the trend of other local cafes, Sky Apple doesn’t charge for using soya milk in their coffee instead of cows. Shame on you, Heaton Ingredient! I tried out the Hot Chocolate, which was nice and creamy.


It didn’t take long for our food to arrive, and Mr. Canny was thrilled with his plateful. At £5.95 it was well priced and plentiful. Even the mushrooms were eaten, and he’s not a fan of them. He said the particular star was the grilled tomatoes, which he said tasted unlike any he’d had in this country before. The fake sausages were also singled out for praise. I had the smaller version of the breakfast, omitting the items I’m not keen on. I actually much preferred the fake bacon over the sausages, and allowed him to steal one of mine. I’ll admit this isn’t to everyone’s taste, but as vegetarians often say they miss bacon the most it is a way of stopping the cravings.

imageWe were ordered by Jnr to take some treats back to the school for him, so popped into their deli next door. A Little Piece of Sky bills itself as vegetarian, but a lot of the menu is also vegan and/or gluten free.


I bought a vegetarian sausage roll for Jnr and a Victoria Sponge Cake. These are two of his favourites, and I was interested to see if he’d like them. He demolished them, so I’ll take it as a good sign. We took away a Refried Bean Empanada and a Vegetable Curry Pie for Mr. Canny, and it’s great to see eateries adapting food to be suitable for vegans or those with a lactose intolerance.


One thing the person who served us wasn’t quite sure on was the labelling of the cakes on display. She said she thought all of the cakes were suitable for vegans, but when I pointed out some said yes and some said no she backtracked. We chose a Kiwi and Green Tea cake for Mr. Canny, which was labelled vegan. I found my cake too syrupy, but the boys enjoyed theirs.


Price-wise everything was spot on, and we will definitely return for more nibbles. I’m particularly interested in trying out their burger. Walking back to the car we noticed the usual queue for Butterfly Cabinet, which Mr. Canny was shocked by. He said that based on the indifference of their staff he can’t see the fascination with the establishment, and I couldn’t agree more.

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Pip x

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  1. North East Family Fun

    I love how you are fully embracing Mr Canny’s lifestyle change. You’re a better gf/wife than I would be! It’s nice to know that Vegan’s have this option and can still enjoy a decent fry up x

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      We have an agreement that if I decide to eat meat when we’re out its not a big deal. It’s hard being pregnant and not giving in to the desire for a steak or bacon x

  2. Katie

    I could not agree more with your comments on the Butterfly Cabinet, I’ll always choose nearby Wild Trapeze over snotty staff.

    I’m a fully fledged meat lover but always really enjoy the food at the Sky Apple! The volcano is a personal favorite.

    Katie xoxo


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