The Best Vegan Breakfasts in Newcastle

I was recently asked to recommend somewhere in Newcastle for a veggie breakfast and struggled a bit to think of where serves up a meat-free banger. I’m not talking about Avocado Bagels a la Wetherspoons either, ta very much, but something that actually resembles a proper fry-up. As I’ve said before, a simple swap by many restaurants/cafes from Quorn to Linda McCartney and a substitute for scrambled egg would transform a vegetarian breakfast into a vegan feast. I have a few suggestions, although not many in the city centre disappointingly. Hopefully people will read this and take the suggestion on board 🙂

If you’re near a Harvester they also do a vegan breakfast, called The Hipster on the menu, and those in Sunderland can try out The Good Apple Cafe‘s SFV brekkie too.

Harissa Kitchen, Sandyford

One of the best veggie breakfasts you’ll find in the area on account of Harissa Kitchen’s use of Hooba sausages. 

You can assemble your own breakfast from a selection of ingredients or opt for the on menu Full Vegan featuring Hooba sausage, Falafel, homemade baked beans, avocado, field mushrooms, rocket, roast tomato and sourdough toast for £7.50. Find out more about Harissa here.

Super Natural, Grainger Street

I recently popped in to try out Super Natural’s Full English Vegan Breakfast. Not being a fan of baked beans I requested it was substituted with an additional hash brown instead. I feel with the tomatoes there isn’t a need for the beans, but I think that might be down to my own prejudice against them. A decent feed for those in the city centre and wanting a hearty vegan breakfast.

Sky Apple, Heaton

Definitely one of our favourite vegan breakfasts in the area. Sky Apple are a vegetarian cafe in Heaton that serve up a selection of vegan alternatives. Pictured above is their full breakfast, complete with scrambled tofu and fake bacon. You can read about a previous visit for brekkie here.

Shoe Tree Cafe, Heaton

Recently opened Shoe Tree Cafe is another vegetarian cafe in Heaton which caters for vegans too. This vegan breakfast, which featured tempeh bacon, was a hot with me on my last visit.

1901 Cafe Bistro, Jesmond

1901 in Jesmond offer a decent sized vegan breakfast for those who happen to be in the vicinity and fancy a decent feed. It is one of the more expensive places on the list at £8 but the sausages weren’t your standard Linda M variety which may attribute to the cost.

Head of Steam Quayside, Newcastle

Pictured above is the vegetarian version of Head of Steam’s breakfast, which I’m told can be veganised. I have yet to visit for a breakfast, although I’ve always found them to be accommodating when I have eaten there on other occasions. If you’re on the Quayside and are searching for somewhere to eat, you now know that they serve Linda McCartney sausages and can substitute the eggs for an alternative.

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  1. Jennifer Bliss

    What wonderful plates!!!! Nice vegan finds! Now I’m hungry for roasted tomatoes!

  2. S

    The Journey near the Laing – winderful!

  3. Carrie Walton

    No Grumpy Panda?! :-O

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Not Newcastle!

      1. Carrie Walton

        Ha! Of course, what a dipstick I am 😀

        The Harissa Kitchen brekkie looks delicious, I’ll have to give that one a try.

        Thanks for the blog by the way, as a newly hatched vegan it’s fantastic to have such a comprehensive resource for the region’s non-meat eaters, I appreciate the effort you put into it.


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