Where the best places to get a fry up in the region are.

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea, Tyneside Bar Café

A jokey conversation with Rachel Kershaw (Life in Geordieland) on Twitter bemoaning a lack of plans on Mother’s Day led me to being invited along to the Tyneside Bar Café for Afternoon Tea. These were launched this month and was looking…
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The Pancake Café, Durham

Finding Dark Matter was a surprise and a half for Jnr, and it’s become a favourite of his when we’re in Durham. Last time we popped in for hot chocolate and Pokemon cards I noticed a quaint looking townhouse over…
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Wynyard Hall Hotel and Spa

The last few weeks have been very tough and tiring for both me and Him Indoors. He spent some time away with work and I’ve felt a bit blue for one reason and another. I was thinking about an evening…
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Review – The Whistler Tearooms, Newcastle

Facebook is a wonderful tool for discovering new places to eat. I’ve lived in Newcastle all my life but still haven’t visited every single restaurant and bar in the city. I was looking through my feed and noticed a friend…
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The Staiths Café, Dunston

Dunston is not somewhere I’d usually consider spending a Sunday lunchtime, but that’s precisely what I did this week. Jnr and I had the opportunity to have some alone time together, and I wracked my brain for suggestions that would…
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Review – The Townhouse, Durham

Before Christmas we decided to have a few days away before the festivities began to celebrate our anniversary. We looked at lots of different UK cities, but found it difficult to book hotels at short notice, especially over the weekend….
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