Dinky Dining

Dining out with the newest member of the Canny Food clan. We’ll recommend places that are child-friendly. She’s a hungry Horace too, so watch out!

Zizzi Newcastle Review

It was an announcement that took us by surprise. High street chain Zizzi have recently updated their menu to include a vegan pizza, and we don’t mean serving the regular version sans cheese as many eateries do. We had to visit…
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Station Buffet, Barter Books – Alnwick

I may have grown up in the North East, but there are some areas that remain uncharted territory to me. I have a fairly decent knowledge of eateries South of the Tyne as this has always been my ‘stomping ground’….
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British Pie Week at The Central Bar

A nation of pie fanatics, it seems that we love nothing better than a wholesome stodgy meal featuring a steak filled delight. This week celebrated the humble British Pie so naturally my thoughts turned to where we could enjoy this pastry…
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The Cluny, Ouseburn

When I was a kid it was a big deal if Mum took me to the ‘boozy bar’. It would usually be during the summer months, and we’d visit pubs with outdoor play areas so I was entertained while she…
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VIP Teas, High Spen

Mr. Canny and I have had a great two weeks together with Dinky while he was on paternity leave and I’m sad our baby bubble is being burst with his return to work. I decided we’d do something nice together…
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The Dinky Diner

One of the things I am most looking forward to as a new mum is exploring the region through a fresh pair of eyes. Scheduling a year off the day job and having a car, I envisaged the Canny Food…
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