Sunday Lunches

Looking for a canny Sunday dinner? We’ll have reviewed some for you to chose from in the North East.

Vegan Sunday Lunch at The Feathers Inn

Judging by the posts receiving the largest page views every single week we are a region of Sunday lunch lovers! I can’t say I argue with that, and it is one of the things I feel I don’t feel vegans and…
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Sunday Lunch at Vallum Farm

My first first ‘meal out’ as a vegan. Not as daunting an experience as it could have been, given that my partner’s veganism gave me a head-start on what were the perils and pitfalls of dining out with a dietary requirement….
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Wylam Brewery – Sunday Lunch

I always presumed a Nut Roast would be a ubiquitous dish. I’ve realised of late they aren’t that common on pub menus, especially one that is suitable for a vegan too. Wylam Brewery started to serve up a roast dinner along…
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Sunday Lunch at The Earl of Pitt Street

I’ve wanted to return to The Earl of Pitt Street since our last visit wasn’t as successful as it should have been. You can read all about it here, but to cut a long story short we were incorrectly told…
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Sunday Lunch at Cosy Dove

I usually don’t worry too much about Google Analytics and the like as a ‘hobby blogger’ but, after a conversation with a friend, I decided to see what the Most Searched For terms were on the Canny Food blog. My reviews…
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The Green Room Bistro, Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough. Home of the Parmo and not much else in a culinary sense. It is also not somewhere I’d usually consider travelling to, until I heard about The Green Room, that is. Having pretty much exhausted the options of Newcastle…
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