The Best Veggie Burgers in the North East

Following on from our lacklustre experience at recently opened Burger, I started to contemplate whether a decent meat free burger was easy to find in the area. Many pubs and restaurants will offer this as the standard veggie-vegan offering, not properly considering the quality of the patty and the accoutrements. A good burger needs a decent bun, and brioche is out of the question for a vegan. If you don’t have a dairy free cheese available, what are you going to use to top the patty? To ensure a non-meat burger isn’t dry and more difficult to eat than its animal counterpart isn’t as easy as you’d think and many restaurants get it very wrong!

I’ve listed my Top 5 picks – in no particular order – for vegan burgers in the North East area so far. Some of these establishments do offer a vegetarian version, as an FYI, but because of my own dietary requirements I’ve featured the animal product-free version. I hope you enjoy!

The Ship Inn, Ouseburn

Photo Credit: Instagram

What a sight to behold! The Ship Inn, Newcastle’s first pub with a wholly vegan kitchen, has definitely become a firm favourite in veggie circles since it made the switch to a plant-based menu last year.

While their vegan Fish & Chips might be tempting, the burgers on offer are also worth a try. Freshly made patties and buns are topped with dairy free mayo, cheese and other pairings. No Linda McCartney burgers here! You can read about our first visit to this Ouseburn pub here.

Vegano, Various locations

Only appearing on the street food scene a few short months ago, Vegano have really made a big impression at the markets and events they’ve attended during the Summer. I was very impressed with their No Bull Burger, so when I was contemplating who to include on this list I had no qualms about featuring these newbies. Regular attendees at the Quayside Market on a Sunday now, if you want to try their take on vegan junk food classics pop along and say hi to Nat and Russ.

The Bohemian, Newcastle

The Bohemian has become a firm favourite with our family since we started our vegan journey. This Black Bean and Walnut Burger was an eye opener for me when I first tried it. As someone with a dislike for bean burgers I couldn’t believe how tasty they could actually be! It was at this point I made my own decision to stop eating meat and the rest, as they say, is history! You can read more about one of the many meals we’ve enjoyed at Boho here.

The Green Guerrilla, Various locations

Photo Credit: Instagram

It may not be easy to hunt down The Green Guerrilla to try out his vegan burgers, but when you do it is so worth it! Popping up at street food events and markets around the region, follow the Facebook page to find out where they’re heading next to get a fix of their incredible plant based burgers.

Grumpy Panda, Gateshead

I couldn’t write about incredible veggie burgers and not feature Grumpy Panda, the North East’s first vegan diner. Regular readers will know how much I love the place; to the point where I have a photo diary on the blog and add to it every time I visit!

Photo Credit: Instagram

Beth and Phil create their patties using seitan and top with cheese, baecon and other plant based goodies. Judging by how busy the diner gets and their regular sell outs, you know it isn’t just veggies who are trying out burgers like ‘Oklahoma is OK’ and ‘Everything’s Bigger in Texas’. Go check them out!

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  1. Lynda

    Ooh, yummers. Can’t wait to try these!

    I found these vegan burgers online and thought of you, Emma. We are making some this evening:

  2. Jess

    Aaah I’ve been wanting to go to the Ship Inn for ages now, but I can’t seem to find a menu from them – can only assume they change depending on the season? At least I know their burgers look IMMENSE with proper chips so I’m definitely going to go next weekend. We went to Grumpy Panda instead today but wasn’t impressed this time round – your order looks so much better than what we got (plus I felt a bit off seeing their Trump sticker in the front).

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Did you see the Trump cardboard cut out in the toilet? They’re definitely not fans! The Ship do change their menu depending on what’s available. There’s usually a burger and the vegan Fish & Chips are a staple, however.

  3. The Burger Baron

    I find it mind-blowing when pubs make it into list’s for best meals…awesome to see the lil guys putting their mark on a place!Grumpy Panda and The Ship Inn may be the first vegan burgers to recieve a Baron review as they look very burgery indeed!


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