Sneak Peek – Behind the scenes at Boho Vegan Pizza Co

The recent demise of Mamma Mia’s – an Italian restaurant which had a vegan menu that featured dairy-free cheese pizza and pasta – was met with sadness by many. Although chain restaurant Zizzi now also stocks a plant based alternative to mozzarella, local people like to support local businesses, and rightly so.

imageWe’ve long been fans of The Bohemian, located down Pink Lane near Newcastle’s Central Station. You can read a recent review of a lunch we enjoyed here. Featuring vegetarian and vegan twists on popular dishes such as kebabs (made from jackfruit) and fantastic meat-free burgers, we’ve never had a dud meal!

imageWhen news spread that a new vegan takeaway pizza company was opening, there was a collective sigh of relief that the hole left by Mamma Mia was going to be plugged. The Bohemian stepped up to the plate, now testing the water on how logistically a takeaway offering would work.


Branded as Boho Vegan Pizza Co., an evening was planned with a selection of starters and pizzas on offer in the restaurant. Mr. Canny was excited to try out the menu, so I promptly booked a table.


For £12.99, you could have a choice of starter and pizza, as well as a complimentary drink. Mr. Canny had a glass of (vegan) Prosecco, while myself and the Teen stuck to the softs with a mango juice.


Impressed with a good selection of dishes for both appetisers and mains, we all struggled to make a definitely decision as we wanted to try it all! In the end, the Teen and I settled on the Cream Cheese and Jalapeno Bites, while the Mr chose a Caprese.image

His starter was very simple, but still tasty. A fan of raw ‘cheese’ made with nuts, this fake macadamia mozzarella was like the real deal in texture and taste.


It was hard to believe our starter was vegan, with the most creamy cheese filling our breaded fried bites. Mr. Canny stole some and he said he could have eaten them all night! We were definitely wowed by this point by what was on offer. The tangy tomato salsa they were served with was a nice complement.


My Mediterranean pizza – topped with pesto, tomatoes and rocket – could have had a little less of the vegan cheese, being totally honest. I’m still adapting to the non-dairy alternatives and find them a bit overpowering. Using less would have kept the base crisper too. The Teen chose a Margherita, which he gave the thumbs up. I didn’t take a photo as we all know what a plain pizza looks like! Since our visit they have also installed a proper pizza oven, which should remedy the soggy bottom!image

Mr. Canny’s Catch of the Day had an unusual seaweed topping. With capers and olives emulating the saltiness of anchovies, he said it could have used a more of the seaweed. He wolfed it down though, and even finished off my pizza when I couldn’t manage any more!


The Teen was adamant he wanted to try a dessert as this was the first time he’d eaten in Boho since he made the switch over to not eating meat.The Cheesecake (£5.50) was similar to the baked variety in taste and texture. While it wasn’t as creamy as its dairy counterparts, it had a nice flavour too.

It’s funny how he reacted the first time we visited, exclaiming he only wanted to eat meat and complaining he was being forced into veganism. He has dairy when we’re eating out, as do I, but he’s found vegetarianism easier than I have over the last 9 months. He admits he misses fish, especially when there’s a fish finger sandwich on the menu, but actively chooses battered halloumi if it’s offered instead. We’re so proud of his attitude now, but still insist it is up to him what he eats when we dine out. In the house we are vegan though, and he is accepting of that.

We were asked for feedback afterwards, which we gave, but all in all were happy with what the Boho Vegan Pizza Co have on offer. The delivery side is something that will take time to work out; where their delivery area will be based on how long a vegan cheese-topped pizza can stay warm for, what the menu will look like, etc. Boho want to get everything spot on before they officially launch and I can understand why they feel that way. Collection is now available (23rd Sept), so you can takeaway if you’re in the city centre and fancy a treat for home. This service will be available Monday to Saturday, 4 until 9:30pm. With prices from £8.95 for a 12-inch pizza, they’re reasonable too. A full menu can be found here. The Tex Mex sounds delicious!

There’s a definite demand for the pizzas, with those with an intolerance to dairy also expressing an interest in what Boho Vegan Pizza Co. have to offer. Good luck with the venture, guys 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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