COOP Chicken House, Newcastle

image imageYou’d think when every blogger and Granny has proffered an opinion about a restaurant it would make reviewing it easier, right? So wrong! How do I make my blog different to every other about the rather fab COOP Chicken House, located in the optimistically named ‘Diamond Strip’ area of the Toon? The honest answer is I can’t. When you visit this eatery you know exactly what you’re going to get, it says so on the tin.

We’ve visited numerous times and not been disappointed. If you’re looking for refined food, don’t visit COOP. Cooked chook chopped into bits and served with a wedge of lemon is not a combo that’s going to be troubling the Michelin star people any time soon. This time we visited with Jnr on our way to the Game On 2.0 exhibition at the Centre for Life. He said he wanted something simple for lunch, and I felt COOP fitted the bill perfectly.

imageBefore ordering myself and the young ‘un took a detour to the ‘facilities’. Cue much laughing from Jnr.

imageWe opted for a whole chicken (£15), and each chose a side and a sauce. Mr. Canny had their hummus, which was allegedly served with bits of ciabatta. It looked more like the toast you get in boxes at the supermarket to me, but he wasn’t bothered. Jnr wanted regular fries, and I picked sweet potato fries. I can’t rave enough about how amazing these are. My pal All About Eats sums it up perfectly in her blog about the eatery – “So crispy, with a caramelised, almost toffee like background taste”. It’s hard to get sweet potato fries right, but COOP have not failed any time I’ve pulled up a pew to eat here.

imageMr. Canny ordered the Bim’s Kitchen Coconut Relish to smother on his chicken, whereas I was a wimp with the Cambridge Sweet Chilli Sauce. Jnr flirted with the idea of signing a disclaimer a trying one of the ultra hot sauces on the menu, until I reminded him of trying Bernie Bum’s standard sauce and how I had to neck a pint of Pimms and Lemonade immediately. He saw sense and chose Spicy African Ketchup instead, which is still nuclear by my tame standards. The Mr chose best with his sauce, which was sweet and had a mild kick. The chicken is served with its skin on, which was crisp and salty.

imageI’ve never had a dud meal, but I’ve seen less than glowing recommends from other bloggers. I think COOP is a great little independent in the Toon, and I’d much rather line their coffers than Nando’s. If you fancy some finger licking chicken, get yourself down there and make up your own mind.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. Katie Bryson

    This sounds like a great little family-friendly place… just the sort of thing my boys would love! We only moved to the area earlier in the year, so are definitely on the look-out for new places to try like this! Sweet potato fries are super lush… and great to hear they get them right as i’ve had some terribly floppy experiences in other places!


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