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Quayside Market

I have previously blogged about my love of Newcastle’s Quayside Market, which has been going for many years. Held every Sunday, it is attended by the great and good of the Toon’s ‘pop-up’ cuisine brigade. If you’re feeling hungry and not sure what to eat, a wander through will, without a doubt, whet the appetite and give you some inspiration.

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My first port of call was The Fat Hippo, who serve delicious gourmet burgers at events such as The Boilershop Steamer and at Mr. Canny’s work. Their burgers have also graced the pages of this blog in my round-up of the best patties the Toon has to offer (see more info here). Even though I requested it well done it was probably still a bit too pink for the midwife to be happy with me. Delicious though.


Jnr’s love of Italian food is well documented, so it was natural he gravitated towards Zabaglione. Serving pizzas, Lasagne and other hearty fare, there was also the option to take away. After eating one straight from the oven I was dispatched to buy one for the fridge at home. At only £4 and superior quality to anything on the supermarket fridge shelves, it was definitely worth it.


After all that savoury food he was itching to try The Doughnut Guy. Providing dessert to recently opened Big Apple Hot Dogs in Heaton, we knew we were in for a moreish dessert.

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Jnr chose a Salted Caramel sauce topped with Hundreds and Thousands. He said he wanted to try all combinations, but I told him not to be so greedy. On the plus side, I knew there were more stops on our walk through the market to come.


No visit to the market would be complete without visiting Ke’Rico for their fantastic Custard Tarts. Jnr may not have been keen, but that meant more for me!


We also stopped by Deli Churros, who sell the closest thing in Newcastle to the amazing churros I had while in Brazil from street vendors. Their Big Delicious filled with arequipe (toffee) is my particular favourite. You can’t eat it delicately however, so just embrace the fact you’ll be cleaning sauce from your face for hours to come.


Wagamama, MetroCentre

There’s not very often I don’t fancy a Katsu Curry, a dish I was only introduced to a few years ago by a former beau. We don’t live far from the MetroCentre and I decided on a rainy Sunday night that I absolutely had to have one. The joys of pregnancy, or so I tell the other half! Not wanting to brave the hullabaloo, I sent Mr. Canny for takeaway. The sooner they sort out Deliveroo over on my side of the water, the better!


Rather than the usual Chicken version I opted for the Yasai version, which is vegetarian. This is Panko crumbed aubergine and sweet potato served with the usual Katsu sauce and rice combo. I added some additional salad at home as I’m a greedy so-and-so. I would also love them to serve more of the pickles as they are delicious. This is from a girl who can’t stand pickled vegetables, too.

Mr. Canny was pleased that they have an ‘Amendment Book’ in each store to help them make dishes suitable for vegans. He was able to order their Yasai Surendra’s Curry with a couple of omissions from the dish. Very impressive. It’s just such a shame the food was lukewarm by the time we got it home.

Mantra Thai, Newcastle

We were invited to Mantra Thai’s First Birthday a few weeks ago, which was the first occasion I’d had to visit this Quayside eatery. I was very impressed with the stylish interior, the entertainment, and the warm welcome of the staff. I took Katie (Lady from a Tramp) along as my +1 as I wasn’t sure how accommodating they would be towards the vegan at an event such as this.


We were welcomed with delicious cocktails (although I had to make do with mocktails) and crackers to nibble on as we chatted to the other invited guests at our table.

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Dish after dish arrived at the table during the four course meal, which was fantastic as I actually remembered to show some restraint throughout the day. More photos of the event can be found here.


Chicken Tom Yum Soup, which was not as spicy as I feared, was followed by an array of starters such as Pork Skewers and Prawn & Chicken Toast.

imageimageimageSo many dishes arrived that there was barely any space left on the table! Having so much choice was great, especially for someone as fussy as me. It allowed me to sample dishes I may have been deterred to try on the menu, such as the Duck in Tamarind. My favourite was the Beef in Black Pepper Sauce, which is predictably safe even by my standards.

I’d like to thank the owners for their wonderful hospitality on the evening and I will definitely return to sample more from the menu.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. Samantha Rickelton

    I always find the portions at Wagamama HUGE! I bet you needed a lie down after that walk along the Quayside! Love the doughnut guy and Fat Hippo x


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