Great Burgers in the Toon!

Newcastle wasn’t always the foodie haven it is today. When I was growing up Pizzaland was the best option we had for meals out. This was located where the Monument HBSC branch is now. For burgers it was Wimpy, then the Golden Arches opened a branch on Northumberland Street. As I got older we would visit Pani’s or Sabatini, which seemed cosmopolitan for me back then. We were always lacking on the burger front, sadly.
Recently, however, there’s been a spate of food places opening in the Toon, which has been great for a glutton like me. It means that I’ve had to eat lots of burgers, all in the name of blogging. What a shame!
dAtbar, Market Street
I visited Datbar on Monday with my foodie friend Laura. She told me they had a special offer of 2 burgers & 2 fries for £12. Not one to turn down a bargain I agreed to go. I also discovered they have a £5 lunch menu too, which seems good value. I like the style of the interior, which reminds me of Sin City.
We’d been there for food after a Twitter pal recommended their pizzas to me. We found the grub good, but because we were inebriated (smashed might be a better description!) I thought better of writing a post that time round. This time I couldn’t drink as I had the car, so it was San Pellegrino and my gastronomical powers primed.
I sat waiting ages for the waitress to take my drink order as a large party arrived at the same time as me. Once I’d ordered it also took a while to arrive. I was gasping by the time they remembered. It wouldn’t have been an issue if I could just get off my lazy ass and order at the bar, but it’s table service on a lunchtime. Laura was running late so I had to wait to order food & I was almost chewing my arm off by the time she arrived. Thankfully their free Wifi and Grazia distracted me from self-cannibalism.
We both ordered the dAtburger – a juicy burger topped with pulled pork, pecorino cheese and apple chutney. Laura had hers without the bun, and it came with the limpest watercress salad I’ve ever seen. I had mine with fries, Laura chose the proper ‘chippy chips’ as I call them. The food was enjoyable, but the service was slow. I wanted another drink but there was no-one around to get the attention of. Still, it was a cracking burger and well worth a visit. I also love this sign in the bar!
Burgerstop, Quayside
We’ve been to Burgerstop twice since it opened. It used to be extremely difficult to get a table in this Quayside restaurant, but it seems quieter now. I like the way the burgers are wrapped, fast food style, for you to unpackage. The meat they use for the patties is good quality and we loved their sweet potato fries. They ran a special offer for #ne1restaurantweek of 2 burgers & 2 fries for £15, which was good value for money.
Jesmond Dene House
We really enjoy visiting JDH for Afternoon Tea, which is well documented on this blog. The hotel also have a casual dining menu available between 10:30 and 17:00. The Cheeseburger and Fries (£12.50) is awesome, although they could do with upping the ante on the buns that house their delicious patties.
Fat Hippo, Jesmond 
This restaurant is popular with the students that live in the area, and Jnr & I pop in for after-school treats. The triple fried handcuts are yum, and the onion rings are massive. The burgers are made from 100% Northumbrian beef which they grind on a daily basis, and they have some unusual combos to try.
Fat Underground, Newcastle
The sister joint of Fat Hippo is nestled just off Grey Street in Newcastle, across from the Theatre Royal. It’s the same premise in a more convenient location. They have a Happy Hour Mon – Fri, 5 until 6pm, which is 2 courses for £10. Great to line your tum before hitting the bars of Newcastle! The behemoth above is their Texas affair, which was too much for little Pip to handle.
Pleased To Meet You, Newcastle
My final recommendation is for one of my favourite bars in Newcastle – PTMY. The food they produce is really good, and I especially love their beef sliders. The beast above is their Bacon Cheeseburger (£11). After eating this I was done for the day. They are usually very busy on a Friday and Saturday, so I tend to visit through the week.
I hope this has given you some inspiration for future trips out into Newcastle 🙂
Thanks for reading,
Pip x
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  1. rachel kershaw

    What a great round up, they all look so yummy! I would also add Lane 7 to the list, their burger's are amazing! Although one thing I have noticed with all these great new burger places in town, is a bit of an obsession with brioche buns, I just don't get it?

    1. phil hudson

      All the above serve their burgers with Brioche though Kersh so doubt you’ll frequent

  2. Emma Phillips

    I'm writing a Part Two, but as I already blogged about the Lane 7 burgers this week people may think I'm on commission!

  3. North East Family fun

    What's not to love about brioche! We are HUGE brioche fans in this house. When we make our own burgers we now have to buy special brioche buns from m&s; even though they cost a fortune (I think £1 each or something crazy like that). We are obsessed!

  4. North East Family fun

    I don't think anywhere could ever beat the fat hippo for burgers. We are booked in to visit again at the end of the month and I am already drooling at the thought!


    I love me a good burger. When I arrived in Newcastle *cough* 15 and a half years ago, I went through a load of restaurants only ordering burgers. I was trying to find a burger to match the best burger in the world ever from a little place in Altrincham. Never did find it. Maybe I need to begin my search again!

  6. Emma Phillips

    Part Two is coming soon!


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