Harmonium Edinburgh – Review

During our recent visit to Scotland’s capital we took the opportunity to enjoy an evening meal at Harmonium, a restaurant recommended to me by a friend on Twitter. There were no disclaimers that the food mentioned on the menu was meat, dairy and egg free, which led us to second guess ourselves when ordering! In a way I like this approach, as an ‘in-yer-face’ declaration of veganism can possibly deter punters. Harmonium are clearly letting the food do the talking.

All of the wines on offer are vegan, as well as the tease of dairy free Baileys that everyone has been raving about. Unfortunately they’d run out  so can’t give my two cents worth on whether I think it is comparable to the original still. As we were with the car we decided against hitting the hard stuff in the end but it’s a relief when you don’t have to rely on Barnivore or Google for guidance on your tipple.

Pizzas, burgers and Tofu Fish all featured on the menu, but we decided to go for dishes we’d not find in the likes of The Bohemian and Sky Apple in Newcastle. Vegan scallops (£4.90) were promptly ordered to start, which we shared. 

Made with oyster mushrooms to give that meaty texture, the samphire and lemon really added to the ‘sea’ flavour of the dish. We were certainly not disappointed and were already won over by Harmonium’s approach to its vegan menu. 

Gavin continued with the fishy theme and had Fish Cakes (£8.50) for his main course. Served with baby potatoes and greens it was a substantial portion, especially given the price. My main of Wild Mushroom, Kale and Crispy Aubergine Rigatoni (£9.50) may not have been as photogenic as the other dishes we sampled during our visit, but it was incredibly tasty. The walnut parmesan and cream sauce was one of the best I’ve experienced as a vegan, despite its appearances. 

We almost admitted defeat, but felt after travelling so far we had to find room for a dessert of some description. We weren’t as wowed by the prospect of Cobbler or an Ice Cream Sundae so opted for a vegan cheeseboard instead. It was the first time Gavin had tried the dairy free alternative and was taken aback by how realistic they were.

The meal we enjoyed at Harmonium was definitely the highlight of our trip to Edinburgh and we’d definitely return. It was a lovely place for a ‘date’, although I’m sure those dining out with friends won’t find the cosy atmosphere a problem. Although it is a relative newbie on the vegan scene in Edinburgh it seems to have a great reputation already, and long may it continue.

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