Jesmond Dene House – Lunch Review

My very first review on the blog was Jesmond Dene House, a local 4 star hotel with an impeccable reputation for food. It wasn’t my first visit, but I decided to write about it to dispel the myth that it had a ‘stuffy’ atmosphere. At the time they were running a special offer for Restaurant Week, and my review encouraged many to book up for one of the best dining experiences Newcastle has to offer.
Since that occasion JDH has popped up from time to time, mainly in relation to Afternoon Tea. Mr. Canny had only experienced this side of their culinary repertoire, so was excited when we booked in to have an anniversary lunch there. We were promised the garden would be the location if the weather was good, but unfortunately on the day it was slightly overcast. Instead we were seated in the bright Conservatory, which looks out over their verdant grounds.
The dining room was empty as everyone else had also chosen to be seated out here. Mr. Canny ordered a glass of wine, but as I had the car I was stuck with fruit juice. We were given the lunch time menu, which is £25 for 3 courses.
I’ve always been a fan of every bowl of soup I’ve eaten here, and the Chicken & Mushroom I ate on this particular day was the best thus far. The base was mushroom, and the chicken was diced and served in the centre of bowl, alongside croutons and Parmesan. As always the bread box was great, and my favourite is always their Sundried Tomato. It doesn’t need any butter as it is sprinkled with sea salt and slightly oily because of the tomatoes.
Mr. Canny chose Smoked Salmon Tartar, Confit Egg Yolk and Tempura Dill. It arrived beautifully presented and he enjoyed every mouthful. I personally couldn’t think of a worse plate of food as it includes two of my least favourite stuffs – egg and fish. But he was happy, and that was the main thing.
He had Lamb Navarin for main course, which I had to Google to know what he was going to eat! It was a deliciously thick ragu, served with Heritage Potatoes and Carrots. I plumped for the Herb Crusted Chicken, which was served with Mushrooms and Wild Leeks.
I have to say, I was bested by my main.  The portions were quite large, which meant we were both struggling. The food was so delicious we didn’t want to waste a mouthful so we tried really hard to eat it all. Each plate of food was like a piece of Art, so it would have been a crime to leave it.
The Lamb was delicious, and I have to say I wish I had chosen it. We try to choose different courses for the purposes of the blog, and although my chicken was moist the Navarin was packed with flavour.
We also knew we had the puds still to go. Mr. Canny helped me finish the chicken, which had a lovely crispy skin. I was pleased there was only a small serving of carb on the plate, which took the guise of Pommes Anna.
I am a huge fan of Cheesecake, which came served with Pimms Sorbet at JDH. In my last review I waxed lyrical about their fabulous Creme Brulee, and Mr. Canny decided to try it. He loved the rhubarb which accompanied the sweet, and agreed it was an excellent version of the dessert. He managed to scoff all of his, but I couldn’t manage mine. As delicious as it was I couldn’t find space for it, although I regretted not persevering once we’d gotten in the car!
The food at JDH is sublime, and up there with House of Tides and Peace & Loaf, in my opinion. The service is always attentive but not overbearing, and the surroundings are beautiful. I only hope I get another opportunity to stay overnight and have their lovely breakfast again, if Mr. Canny takes the hint!
Thanks for reading,
Pip x
We received our lunch gratis, but the review is very much our opinion.
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  1. Alison

    Isn’t it strange that I have never been here. I have been to Jesmond Dene many times as well. Will have to drop hints for a special occasion

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      This coincided with our anniversary, so it was a lovely treat for me. Even a scone & a cuppa isn’t too expensive when you’re in such lovely surroundings.

  2. Dannielle Lily

    This all looks delicious – I would definitely order the chicken and mushroom soup! I’ve just recently moved near to here so I’ll have to give it a try.


    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Definitely one for a special occasion, although for £25 it was well worth a trip anyway.


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