Lunch at Carter & Fitch, Washington

I was invited to the launch of Carter & Fitch back in February, but as it transpired I was in the early stages of labour with Dinky and didn’t feel comfortable going along. I worried I would give birth imminently and, while that makes for a great PR story, I thought it best to have a self-imposed purdah until she arrived!

imageI popped along to try out the menu once the dust had settled after their launch instead, and as the offering is more meaty than Mr. Canny would like I took along my friend for a girlie catch up. Many folk have written about the restaurant already, so I’ll spare you the background on how it came to be called Carter & Fitch or how much money has been invested in it.

imageThe interior is tastefully decorated, light and airy. It is completely different to the rest of the site it is housed in, which is the George Washington Hotel. Having lived not far from the hotel for many years, I was never tempted to try out the hotel’s food offering until now. Because it shares the hotel’s facilities there is plenty of parking. One of my annoyances is struggling to find a space, but that certainly isn’t the case here.

imageBilled as a Pizzeria-cum-Smokehouse, the menu features a long list of pizza options alongside meats cooked over Mesquite. As we were dining at lunchtime I didn’t want anything too heavy, so chose the Chicchetti and Pizza option for £9.95 (more info can be found here). My friend and I both ordered the San Marzano and Mozzarella Poutine, which we were both very excited about trying. A tarted-up version of Cheesy Chips, the Poutine was a good starter. These Chicchetti plates are also available at £5.95 for two, which is great value for money. If you fancied a light lunch you could order a few of these plates to share. There’s certainly enough to chose from – calamari, meatballs and goats cheese all feature. There are a few vegetarian options too.

imageFor main course I decided upon their pizza, while my friend ordered a Pulled Pork Sandwich. This was served on a brioche bun with spiced wedges. She thought the sandwich was a bit of a messy eat on account of the BBQ sauce the pork was coated in, but she enjoyed it. Unlike other eateries, C&F’s pork certainly would not be described as dry!image

My Toscana pizza was loaded with asparagus, artichoke, courgette and aubergine. This was one pizza I had to eat with a knife and fork because of all the toppings, which I’m sure will make Cal (of Cal’s Own fame) roll his eyes! It was so hearty I had to take some home with me, which the Teen dutifully hoovered up afterwards. I wanted to make sure I had room for one of their desserts, which was more imaginative than we usually encounter in restaurants.


Featuring local company Beckleberry’s fantastic ice creams, I decided to order the intriguing-sounding Toffee Apple Stump to sample their handmade desserts. Served in a cup, the pudding was so substantial I struggled to finish it. The tart apple compote was lovely with the creamy custard, but I found it difficult to get a good measure with the sponge because of how it was served. I feel that the quirky serving method was at the detriment of a good sweet. My friend ordered the Treacle Tart, which was served warm with vanilla ice cream.


We weren’t rushed during lunch, and were kept topped up on drinks by our friendly waiter while we had a good old natter. With wine and soft drinks, the bill came to just under £50. We were full to bursting when we left (me with a doggy bag), which is the sign of a good feed. The kids menu features an ice cream sweet shop and mini-doughnuts, which I’m sure will make it a hit with dining-out families. Carter & Fitch certainly appears to be the place to go if you’re wanting smoky meats south of the Tyne, and we wish the team continuing success.

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Pip x

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