Mivesi, Alnwick

Dining out in areas that are unfamiliar to us is daunting. Travelling north to Alnwick during my mother’s recent visit from ‘darn sarf’ threw up the issue of where we could enjoy an evening meal that could accommodate us all. We tend not to have a lot of trouble with Indian cuisine in this respect, with their spicing working just as well with veggies as with meat. We decided to try out Mivesi, which is located close to the market square within the town centre. I contacted in advance to check whether my veganism would be an issue and was assured by Amina, one of the owners, that it was no problem at all. She told me one of her relatives is vegan and that as food is prepared fresh by her husband adaptations can be made for most dietary requirements. With the smallest member of the clan also in tow, it was decided we’d have an early evening meal so she would be less inclined to cause havoc. While perusing the menu we were given poppadoms and an assortment of condiments. My Mum said the onion was her particular favouriteWith a selection of ‘classics’ such as Madras and Rogan Josh and more adventurous dishes like Tandoori Trout my Mum found it hard to chose. Amina told me take pride in sourcing their ingredients locally to support the local economy. I decided to order the Vegetarian Platter, which my sister gamely agreed to share with me. As the Onion Bhajis were not vegan friendly I was given extra Pakoras, which were delicious. The Aloo Channa was mildly spiced and even my chickpea fearing sister enjoyed it. My Mum’s Meat Samosa (3.50 for 2) were also artfully presented.I spotted tofu on the menu but was unable to order the sauce it was cooked in as it was made with cream and honey. I was told an off-menu meal could be prepared for me especially and I was asked how spicy I like my food. Being a wuss I said mild and a Bhuna-style dish was presented to me.My sister ordered Chicken Tikka, while Mum settled on Tandoori Lamb. Again the presentation standards were high with our mains courses as they had been with starters. The portion sizes were extremely generous and we struggled to finish. We were given the option of a doggy bag but declined. There was definitely no space for dessert, which was probably for the best as Dinky was overly tired by this point. We were taken aback that we’d been in Mivesi for over 2 hours when we didn’t feel like that much time had passed. Amina and the team had been so welcoming that we felt like regulars in the restaurant. It was clear this friendly approach was extended to all diners while we were visiting. We were pleasantly surprised by the cost of the meal in relation to the amount we’d eaten and feel they offer great value for money. It is worth pointing out that the restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol, which wasn’t an issue for us as we were on the soft drinks during our visit. You can take along your own wine if you wish, or can choose from one of the non-alcoholic beers and wines they have available. For those in the vicinity Mivesi is definitely worth a visit, even if you are reticent due to dietary requirements.

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