Vegan Restaurant Week 2018- What’s on offer

We are thrilled to announce that Vegan Restaurant Week is returning to the North East following a hugely successful inaugural event in January 2017. The promotion- which usually coincides with Veganuary- has participants from all over the region participating, many of whom aren’t vegetarian or vegan by classification. Over 40 restaurants and cafes are signed up for 2018, which runs from the 8th to the 14th January, and it looks set to be another success. Some are offering special menus, while others have created dishes for the promotion to highlight the diversity of the vegan diet. From Zapatista to Blackfriars, Thought Foundation to newly opened Canaca in Newcastle, you can see all of the offers here.

Vegan dining at Tyneside Bar Cafe

While it may appear the event is aimed at those who are already vegan, we have always asserted it is all-inclusive. Many people today eat meat-free meals at home as it can be budget friendly. We have friends who are meat-eaters who like to dine out at vegetarian and vegan restaurants to try something different, and we’re hoping Vegan Restaurant Week will encourage people all over the region to visit some of their local independents and try out what’s on offer, whether they are vegan or otherwise.

Troy Terrington (pictured above), chef patron at Dobson & Parnell, acknowledges the demand has grown in the North East over the last few years. “We’re delighted to be taking part in Vegan Restaurant Week for the first time. Innovative plant-based dining is becoming more and more popular with serious chefs across the UK as the number of vegans in the continues to grow – it’s therefore a big trend for 2018 and the event is a great boost to the region.”

Junk It Up are pulling out all the stops for Vegan Restaurant Week

As January rolls round many are thinking about adopting a healthy eating regime. This may also revolve around cutting down on meat, and there has been a significant rise in the consumption and demand for vegan products in the last year. It was reported in the media that there was a 1500% growth in the plant-based market during 2016 in the UK alone, with a rise in the number of supermarkets and high street chain restaurants offering vegan alternatives. It is certainly something we have acknowledged on Canny Food over the last two years, especially with our own dietary requirements.

I’ve personally noticed how easy it’s been in the last year to find plant-based alternatives, even in local supermarkets. Vegan Restaurant Week has been a great opportunity to support local businesses, especially in January with the post-Christmas lull. With many people adopting a healthier diet in the New Year, there’s never been a better time to promote the vegan alternative. We hope the event demonstrates the diversity of our culinary scene in the North East and prove there is more on offer than kebabs and sausage rolls!

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  1. Ross Goodwin

    Managed to get to The Herb Garden, Dosa Kitchen, and Harissa- all first time had been, and all excellent. Should eat out more often really.


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