Pie Time!

In our house we like pies. A lot. We also like pancakes. I’m good at making pancakes, but not so good at the pies. Pastry and I don’t get along so well, you see. The cold weather has made me yearn for stodgy food with lashings of gravy, and nothing satisfies that craving more than pie and mash. Any pie we have is made by someone else’s fair hands, though.
We had a Plan A for food on Tuesday night before our trip to the theatre, but discovered the restaurant only opens on a Friday and Saturday night. This threw me into a quandary about where else we could eat. I gave Him Indoors 3 possible choices, and he chose The Redhouse. See? We like pies!
Neither of us had eaten in this Quayside pub before, although it had been on our to-do list for a while. We got a great table in the window, and sat smugly watching the rush hour traffic go by. The bar has an old fashioned feel and fit out, which is in keeping with the building that houses it. It looks, as my Dad would say, like a proper boozer.


The options for food were pie, pie, and more pie. Raf opted for the chicken and gammon, and I had the steak. I’m not a fan of peas so just had mine with mash and gravy. Raf had mint peas and liquor, and both were served on a tin plate.
The food arrived within a few minutes of ordering. When service is that prompt it makes me anxious it isn’t fresh and has been warmed in a microwave. My expectations dropped immediately. If it was microwaved mine needed another minute in there. I like my food piping hot, but this was lukewarm. Grump about temperature aside, the food itself was really good. The pie was very meaty, and the pastry was as it should be. I had cheddar mash but couldn’t really detect any cheese in there. It was buttery and smooth though, which is good as I’m not a fan of lumpy potatoes. Raf polished his off in super quick time too, and I should have chosen the double pie option (£10.95). The pie was the star of the show, without a doubt.


We were both still a bit peckish so turned our attention to the dessert menu. The jam roly poly immediately caught my eye. They offer a pud and a coffee for £6, which we thought was really good value. As I don’t like coffee this fell to Him Indoors to drink.
I make the best jam roly poly in the world, according to my sister. I’ll confess it’s been a while since I attempted it as once someone praises you like that it can only go downhill from there! I remember eating good roly poly at school, which may shock people as that’s usually where people were ‘turned off’ steamed puddings. My Mum also had a good recipe for microwave syrup sponge that we used to make with jam instead. What I’m trying to say is I know my roly poly. What I had at Redhouse was really disappointing. The sponge wasn’t really spongey, and when Raf tried to cut some off with his spoon it leapt across the table. Even the cream couldn’t moisten it. I would make mine with suet and the ends sometimes ‘crisped’ up, but there was no lightness to this one. It wasn’t particularly jammy either.
We were both disappointed with the pudding, and we’d clearly made a bad choice. Him Indoors had wanted to try the brownie, so next time I’ll listen to him.
From the review it may sound like a terrible experience, but it really wasn’t. We’ve both said we really want to go back, and that’s a testament to how good the pies truly are. A good place to visit if you’re wanting some good, rib sticking grub. And don’t be afraid of double pie!
Thanks for reading,
Pip x


  1. North East Family fun

    We were going to visit here when it first opened but STILL haven't got around to it 🙁 One day we'll visit! #NEBrilliantbloggers

  2. Emma Phillips

    Oooohhhh, definitely get the steak. It reminds me of a pie we used to get when I was small from a butchers in Gateshead 🙂

  3. minxlj

    I highly recommend their vegetarian options – even carnivore pals of mine have tried them for a change once in a while and raved about them! You can't get better than good pie and mash and I've had great experiences at Redhouse several times. Was just saying to the other half that it's Pie Week so we should go to Redhouse! The only reason I don't go more often is that my diet sadly won't allow it 🙁

  4. Emma Phillips

    You should have a treat day every now & again 😉


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