Pizzeria Italia, Four Lane Ends

I was incensed a little while ago by an article in the Evening Chronicle that listed their favourite pizzerias in the North East. The glaringly obvious mistake on the part of the writer was the omission of Pizza by the Slice, which has been a fantastic addition to the blossoming foodie scene within Newcastle’s Grainger Market. It is a Canny Food favourite for a quick lunch if we happen to be in the City Centre, and at less than £2 per slice you definitely can’t go wrong!

imageThis list opened up a conversation with Cal, the owner of Cal’s Own, via Twitter DM. Touted by many as the best pizza in the NE, his restaurant/takeaway made it onto the list, and rightly blinking so. It certainly gave us food for thought, and I vowed to write a blog about the ‘oversights’ when we returned from our jaunt to Brazil.

Way back in March I heard about a pizzeria which had opened in Four Lane Ends thanks to comment left on a Secret Diner review. Pizzeria Italia was claimed, by this chap, to rival Cal’s Own, and I really wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, thanks to having a million and one things on my mind I completely forgot about it, and had to ask wonderful Twitter for a prompt on the name of the establishment to find it. Having sampled Manny’s Pizza Deli and The Herb Garden, I really wanted to see how it stacked up against them and whether it would be included on my own ‘Best Pizza’ list.

Situated not far from Four Lane Ends metro station it is easy to get to for those without a car. Because we visited on an evening, we were able to bag a car parking space right outside. Through the day, however, this may be more difficult. It isn’t a grand venue – Mr. Canny termed it ‘humble’. There are a few tables inside so planned to eat our pizza there rather than trying to dash back to Gateshead with it before it got cold. I was lead to believe the owners originally ran Pizza in the Grainger Market, so was expecting great things. I wasn’t disappointed!


imageWe ordered a pizza each; I had Ham and Mr. Canny ordered their Spicy Salame. A 12″ Margherita starts at £4.90, and on a lunchtime they serve by the slice from £1.70. For those lucky enough to work nearby, they have a 16″ lunchtime special on offer, which would be great to share for a working lunch. A lot cheaper and tastier than ordering in Domino’s, which is what I frequently did in my former employment.

imageThere was a steady stream of people picking up while we ate in, which is a great sign. There was no suggestion they do delivery, but I’d be venturing off my bottom to pick up one of their pizzas if I lived closer!

So, onto the food. The base was thin, crisp and tasty. I felt the toppings were generous enough, and the tomato sauce they use is sweet without being too overpowering. Mr. Canny had a latte while he was there which he said was good, and I had a San Pellegrino. They also have some tasty Italian biscuits on sale, but I was pretty full and couldn’t think about more food. I kindly left my last slice for Mr. Canny, which he’s having for lunch 🙂

As we were driving away we dissected our meal, as per. Raf said he enjoys the fact we get to try so many great places because of the blog, and that Pizzeria Italia was up there with the best. He said that the food was simple, tasty and cooked well, and while it wasn’t ‘fancy’ he liked how relaxed and informal it was. The owners were lovely and friendly, and I always feel comfortable when there’s that ‘personal touch’ with family-run eateries. Price-wise, we had 2 12″ pizzas and drinks for just over £15, and Mr. Canny also has a lunch out of it. As much as I love Cal’s Own, Pizzeria Italia is the more purse friendly of the two. We’ll definitely be back!

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. North East Family Fun

    This was on my list of places to visit with the kids over Summer – sadly haven’t made it yet! Looks delish though. Will have to go in the next few weeks x

  2. Alison

    Not far from me, I will have to try it out

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Let me know what you think!

  3. Stewart

    Live just round their corner from Pizzeria Italian. Been there a few times mow. Excellent quality. Lovely staff.


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