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We had previously visited Post Box in Ponteland for lunch earlier in the year and discussed returning when the service had improved. We loved their Crispy Cake Squares, but those alone wouldn’t warrant a trip from Gateshead up to Ponteland! We found out about their Big Dish Dinners running each week, which offer a family sized main course served with a pudding. For two adults and children it is £25 without drinks, but can be served per person.image

imageJnr wasn’t keen on the idea of the Sweet Potato Tagine Mr. Canny and I were going to eat, which was vegan friendly, so chose the Spicy Soup that was on the Evening Menu. At £4.50 for a decent size bowl and a chunk of fresh bread, Jnr was happy with his choice. He’s hoped for one of the Squares for dessert, but unfortunately they had sold out through the day.


The tagine itself was served with toasted almonds and fluffy cous cous. I felt it could have used a little more heat from chilli in the tomato based sauce to pep it up as it bordered on the bland side after a couple of mouthfuls. It was certainly filling though, and at £6.50 for 2 courses was bargainous. image

It was the Treacle Sponge pudding that was the star of the show, although I chose to have it with cream rather than custard. It was the perfect end to the meal on a freezing cold Friday night, although I struggled to finish it!


The cafe was quiet when we arrived but busied up as the evening progressed. It’s a great addition to the local area, and clearly has a fan base. For those fancying something a bit more ‘meaty’ they had a Steak Mince Burger for £9.50 on the menu that sounded delicious.

The service thankfully has improved since our first visit, which just goes to show how sometimes it’s worth giving eateries a second chance. Anywhere can have an off-day, as this has demonstrated.

Check out the Post Box website for more information about events they often run, like Live Music Saturday.

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  1. Samantha Rickelton

    We visited the post box for the first time a few weeks ago after our regular trip to waitrose and were really impressed (although we only had drinks they were good). I noticed this offer and thought it looked very good value if you live locally x


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