Rosa 12, Low Fell

Here at Canny Food we’re Sunday lunch aficionados. Our picks for top grub include Staith House (which recently won the accolade of Best Food Pub of the Year so we’ve been onto something for a while) and The Feathers Inn. I’d not normally consider hitting an Italian restaurant for this great British institution but this weekend decided to take a punt on Rosa 12, a restaurant located not far from us in Low Fell.

IMG-20150928-WA0003I was supposed to visit Rosa on Thursday night for a special event, but my pregnancy lethargy got the better of me and I was in my pjs by 9 o’clock. I saw a tweet on Sunday morning about their roasts, and made a snap decision that we’d head there to make up for my no-show. I’ll be honest though, I wasn’t expecting much. I was toying with the idea of having pasta or a risotto, thinking I’d let them shine with one of their signature Italian dishes. Presented with the menu, there were almost too many choices. Rosa run several offers on a Sunday – Happy Hour (£4.95 pizza/pasta), a 2 course for £12 TDH special and the roast option for £9.95.

IMG-20150928-WA0002Knowing this would be my only chance to enjoy Roast Beef and Yorkie pud cooked for me this week I took a chance on their offering. Mr. Canny opted for their Belly Pork, which was rolled in stuffing and pan fried. We chose to sit outside the restaurant as it was such a glorious day but I took the opportunity to have a nose at their dining area, which had stylishly modern decor and was spacious.

imageHaving read their description I was disheartened when my plate arrived. Mr. Canny commented that my beef looked overcooked, and I realised that there’d been no warning that the Topside was going to be pink. A small dish of veg arrived between the two, although the waitress asked if we wanted more. Once we started to tuck in all my fears disappeared. The meat was thankfully not dry, and the pudding was crisp and fresh. The mash, which was hiding on the plate, was creamy and smooth. We didn’t need more vegetables as the portion size was sufficient, leaving room for us to sample one of their desserts.

He said his Pork was delicious, and having snuck a taste I’d agree. The gravy was thick and meaty and had a hint of garlic. The photos don’t do the mains justice, in my opinion. Our waitress was attentive and we didn’t feel rushed, and I felt like if we’d any issues they would have been addressed. Asking the Mr marks out of 10 he gave it a solid 8. Feeling there was space enough for dessert I ordered their Brownie, which was recommended to us.

IMG-20150928-WA0001This arrived with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a slice of orange for decoration, and our waitress said I’d got the last portion. It was more gooey than I’d anticipated, and super rich. Thankfully he had space to ‘help’ me finish it off because we couldn’t allow it to go to waste. It was more like a Torte than a Brownie, but I’m not going to split hairs over such a delicious dessert.

IMG-20150928-WA0000We were pleasantly surprised with the standard of food and the service we received, and the £30 was more than reasonable for our meal. Having eaten recently in other Italian restaurants in Low Fell I can say that Rosa is head and shoulders above the rest. In future I may not be so snobby towards untraditional eateries for my Sunday lunch, and I’m keen to return to test their Italian fare. With a fairly comprehensive Happy Hour menu I’m sure it won’t be too long.

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Pip x

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    This has been on my list to visit for a while, I shall have to try and pop in soon


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