The Bohemian – Pink Lane, Newcastle

I was concerned, rather selfishly, how Mr. Canny’s recent conversion to veganism would affect the blog. I remembered how hard it was to be vegetarian over a decade ago in Newcastle, but the recent spate of openings ( see our review of Painted Elephant here) buoyed my confidence that it actually wouldn’t be problematic. I also hoped ‘mainstream’ establishments would be more accommodating, too.image

imageI decided to take him to The Bohemian on Wednesday night due to its convenient location near the Tyne Theatre. Situated on Pink Lane, I tried to recall what had been there previously. The penny dropped when I noticed the black & white chequered floor in the corner; it was Stateside Diner. How quickly we forget! I loved the decor, especially the record sleeve wallpaper. The restaurant looks huge now compared to its previous incarnation, with mismatched furniture replacing the bulky diner booths.

imageThe whole menu is either vegetarian or vegan, which was fantastic news for Mr. Canny. Jnr was less than impressed, stating he wanted meat the moment he read the options. As I had perused the menu beforehand I knew there’d be something for him and pointed out their Quesadillas – folded tortillas packed with cheese and salsa- which were in the Tapas section. He had these with a side order skinny fries.image

imageI had decided in advance to try their ‘Epic’ Chili Dog (£9.50) – a vegan hot dog topped with chili, onion rings and fried onions. What I seemed to ignore was this was a bean chili, which hampered my enjoyment. I should really pay more attention to the menu! I ended up swapping with Mr. Canny, who had chosen their Spinach & Falafel Burger (£9.50). This had a kick to it which the mint and cucumber dressing cut through. It’s worth bearing in mind I’m a spice wuss, though.

imageMr. Canny rather kindly donated the onion rings to me, which were fantastic. He thoroughly enjoyed the hot dog, and stated that he wasn’t missing meat with such incredible quality substitutes. Their sweet potato fries were also impressive, served with a tasty vegan mayo. He also sang the praises of the bean chili, and has since mithered me about replicating this at home.

With drinks- including a glass of wine- the bill was just under £40 for the 3 of us. On Tuesdays Boho do 3 starters/Tapas for £10 and BOGOF on vegan cocktails, which would be a great way to try out the restaurant if you haven’t already done so. We’re cultivating a theory that if you tell a meat eater something is vegan they automatically form the opinion it is tasteless, which were trialling on Jnr. He actually enjoyed his food on this visit, despite his initial protestations. The fare on offer at Boho certainly disproves that vegan food is bland, and we’re looking forward to returning and trying out more from their Evening Menu.

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Pip x

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  1. Leanne J

    Great to see this! Will definitely pay a visit to Boho very soon.

  2. Phil

    We are visiting Bohemain tomorrow night with our daughter and son in law, who is vegan, really looking forward to trying it although i am a big meat eater, will be interesting to try something different


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