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I sit at work and dream about what I’m going to eat later. I’m sure many people do that, but since Canny Baby started cooking in the proverbial oven my food daydreaming has gotten worse. It’s certainly not helped by the fact my work canteen sucks, and I’m now forced to take a bag full of apples and other bits to get me through the day. Yesterday I had a real hankering for Zapatista, but as I’ve been quiet on the blog of late I figured we needed to eat somewhere that hasn’t already graced the Canny Food pages. My answer? Tia’s in Durham.

imageimageIt had been such a long time between visits, but Tia’s is exactly how I remembered it. As there’s a limited number of covers booking is recommended, but we turned up on spec and managed to bag a table. The menu is Mexican and Mediterranean, which means Chimichangas are served alongside Arancini and the good old Margherita pizza. To be honest I think they could eschew the Garlic Bread and focus more on the Mexican side of the menu by offering things like Rice and Beans or Tacos, but that’s just my opinion. We perused the menu while eating their homemade tortilla chips and mildly spicy salsa, which I thought was a nice touch.

imageWe started with their famous Onion Flower; an onion sliced, dipped into spicy batter and deep fried. This was allegedly served with garlic mayo, but I couldn’t detect much in the way of garlic. It didn’t have a ‘kick’ to it either, which disappointed me. I felt the batter was a bit limp, which wasn’t helped by the wet Iceberg that ‘dressed’ the plate. Having had this before, I felt let down this time round. Mr. Canny and I shared this, while Jnr had their Garlic Bread. I tried to encourage him to try something else, but he was having none of it.

imageFor mains both myself and Jnr chose their Chimichangas, which are filled with cheese and fried. He had Chicken and Sweetcorn, while I opted for Chilli Beef. The menu stated fries but what arrived on his plate were chunky chips, and they were blooming yummy. Yes, I’ll admit I stole a few! Their Chilli Beef filling turned out to be the same as the Chilli Con Carne which Mr. Canny ordered, and when I realised I spent my time fishing the kidney beans out. I enjoyed it, however, and was very filling.

imageMr. Canny said his main was average, and in a turning of tables said he wished he’d ordered my main instead. Result.

Tia’s have made sure that Vegetarians, Vegans and the Gluten Intolerant are well catered for with specific menus geared towards their dietary needs ( see menus here). There’s also a pretty comprehensive cocktail menu, although I was limited to their especially creamy Virgin Pina Colada (£2.50) on account of the bun.

We ordered predominantly from the Happy Hour menu, which runs between 5 and 7pm every night. We paid just over £42, which wasn’t expensive for 2 courses and drinks for 3 people. There were hits and misses overall, but the staff were friendly and I would rather line the coffers of a family run business than venture to a Chiquito for average Mexican cuisine. A reasonable place to go in Durham City centre if you fancy something other than pasta.

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  1. Newcastle FamilyLife

    I love mexican food , this looks like a lovely place to visit and not at all expansive. Ah Bun? congratulations xx


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