Turtle Bay set to open in Middlesbrough

Turtle Bay, the national Caribbean restaurant and bar chain, is opening on 23rd April in Middlesbrough. The Corporation Road location is their 35th eatery and the second in the North East region. I reviewed their Newcastle restaurant on its official opening day and you can read about it here.Food is definitely at the heart of the Turtle Bay experience – just as it’s central to the heart and soul of Caribbean culture. The menu includes a vast choice of bold flavours and rustic dishes, all inspired by the laid back, social outlook of the Caribbean. The island bar offering is something to behold, with a range of more than 40 rums to choose from, all used to create a cocktail list that’s as cool as you’d expect from a culture that brought us Bob Marley. Turtle Bay’s happy hour lasts from 11.30am – 7pm and then starts up again at 10pm, with all cocktails 241 during that time. Perfect for a night out with friends or for date night.

The Turtle Bay Beach Food Platter is ideal for those wanting to try lots of different dishes from their menu with a selection of spicy jerk chicken wings, hot pepper roti, sweet corn fritters and garlic ‘N’ herb fritters served up. Their famous signature dish is Goat Curry, which is rich and uniquely Caribbean in flavour. The goat is marinated in curry spices, scotch bonnet, sweet potatoes, citrus juices and ginger and served with traditional rice ‘N’ peas. I’ve heard from many bloggers it is worthy of a big thumbs up.

As a vegan myself, the choices are slightly more limited as Turtle Bay is all about the meaty jerk offering. That said, the Run Down Curry (with butter beans, sweet potato and coconut milk) is perfect for those wanting something different. Dining in chains is often advisable for those with dietary requirements over independents because of provisions like allergen menus. Turtle Bay are able to accommodate without advance warning, which is great for those spur of the moment meals out with the family.It is possible to book now to sample a taste of the Carribean in Middlesbrough’s newest restaurant. For more details and to browse the menu check out Turtle Bay’s website here.

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  1. catherine hooper

    We loved the newcastle one and adored the jerk spices when we went a few months ago. hope it does well in Middlesbrough!

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      It’s been a while since my last visit but unfortunately we were too poorly to attend the launch night in Middlesbrough. Hoping to get there soon to see what they have on offer for us veggies 🙂


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