A Vegan Guide to Dublin

Earlier in the year we had the pleasure of visiting family over in Dublin. Being vegan and travelling somewhere unfamiliar can lead to some apprehension, but thankfully I was able to do some research beforehand to scope out where to try during the long weekend. Our meat-eating family gamely agreed to tag along too, which made the experience even more enjoyable for us. Here’s a whistle stop guide to some of the places we tried out, and hopefully we can inspire others to take a trip to this beautiful city.

Sova Food Vegan Butcher

With a word like ‘butcher’ in the title you’d imagine vegans to be running for the hills! It made us wonder to begin with, it had to be said. We looked at reviews online before booking and there was nothing but positive towards independent restaurant Sova. We went along for an early evening meal and were bowled over by the inventive and tasty dishes served up to us. Our non-vegan family were also impressed and we believe it opened their eyes to the diversity of our diet. 

The interior was minimalist but the menu was anything but. Innovative dishes such as King Scallops, Seafood Chowder, Soya Schnitzel, and Seitan Steak were served up by their charming staff. 

We weren’t disappointed by desserts either, with their Chocolate Mousse and Blueberry Cashew Cheesecake rounding off a sublime meal. We were pleasantly surprised by the bill, with 3 courses for 4 people (including wine) setting us back 120Euros. A must-visit if you visit Dublin.

Umi Falafel

It has to be said, if you don’t like falafel you absolutely have to hand your vegan stripes back! We popped into Umi to get a falafel wrap to go after hearing the food from here was top notch. We enjoyed the tasty fresh sandwiches, as well as being able to pick up a sweet treat while we were there. 
The vegan Black Bean Brownie was delicious and we’d recommend you give that a try if you happen to be in the vicinity. You’d never believe what it was made from! Using the beans instead of grain means those who are gluten free can also indulge, and they are packed with protein. 

The Rolling Donut

Those with a sweet tooth should visit independent chain Rolling Donut at one of their city centre stores. With several vegan doughnuts available each day we were spoilt for choice. A great snack on the go if you’re sightseeing, we were pleased to see their alternatives labelled and readily on display. If only somewhere in Newcastle would do the same!

Gino’s Dublin

Located not far from the corner of the famous Grafton Street, Gino’s Gelato serves up vegan-friendly sorbets from a selection on offer each day. Like Di Meo’s which is local to us here in the North East, Gino’s change what they have available so regulars can sample a new flavour on each visit. 

As we have family living in the area we will likely add to this post on each visit.

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. Jen

    Thanks so much. Your suggestions are going to be a lifesaver next month when I visit Dublin with my family.


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