Vegan Menu at Fell’s Kitchen

Following on from the success of the special menu put on during Vegan Restaurant Week, local restaurant Fell’s Kitchen have decided to build upon the vegan options they offer as standard. This is great news, especially as it has seen an increase in the footfall of the eatery during a typically quiet time.

Having been fans of the quality and value for money of the meals from Fell’s Kitchen historically (see post here), we felt it was time for a revisit to sample what was on offer. The menu changes on a weekly basis, which I think is great for keeping the punters interested. With 2 courses available for £10 or 3 for £12, including a choice of three vegan desserts, there was no stipulation on when these special prices were available. This means it is cheaper to eat Fell’s vegan food than their ‘standard’ menu, which I think is great promotion for the alternatives.

The Tomato Bruschetta was filling, while the Mushroom and Walnut Pate has been very popular with the diners during Vegan Restaurant Week. Good old Potato Skins feature for those who are less adventurous, and are served with a Vegenaise garlic mayo dip.

There was a little bit of confusion about the listing of Quorn mince as part of the Chilli main course as the brand doesn’t have a vegan version on sale yet. We were assured it was a vegan-friendly alternative and the word ‘style’ was accidentally omitted from the menu.The Chilli Sans Carne was piquant and would have benefited from a dollop of dairy-free creme fraiche for those of us who are at odds with a bit of heat.

In the interests of honesty, I have to say I felt a little disappointed by the Vegetable Skewers. It didn’t wow us in the way others have, although the rice and vegetables were well seasoned. We thought it needed a sauce or perhaps the addition of something like seitan or another replacement product like Quorn to make it more of a stand-out dish on the menu.

Desserts were a triumph, with the deconstructed cheesecake and Eton Mess a huge hit with us both. We were both initially surprised at how creamy they were, given the fact dairy was nowhere to be found in either pud.

I’d prefer a different serving method trying to get the last remnants out can be a bit of a chore, but that’s more of a presentation issue. I know some who have visited Fell’s Kitchen twice in as many weeks on account of their desserts. High praise indeed. 

The total for our meal was just under £30 including drinks, which was excellent value for money given that we’d had three courses. There were no additional charges for using vegan substitutes like some chains can levy, which is another reason why we should actively support local independent businesses like Fell’s Kitchen who accommodate us over chains. We’d highly recommend a visit, and booking is advised.

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  1. The Burger Baron

    Nice review Canny! Sound’s like a bit of a disappointment with the mains, they don’t look quite as stimulating as vegan dishes can look. Have you visited any places doing vegan burgers in Newcastle? If so…where is the best?

    The Baron.

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)
      1. The Burger Baron

        Thank You that’s another great post!

  2. carina

    Thanks for this review! It’s always good to know where serves vegan food 🙂 xo


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