South Causey Inn’s Speciality Month

image We were invited along to one of our favourite places to visit in Durham for food, South Causey Inn, to try out a special menu targeted at vegetarians and vegans during the month of September. We’ve always found this quaint pub to be good at accommodating our dietary requirements and have featured them previously in a post, which can be read about hereimage It was great to see dishes labelled as vegan, such as their Californian Salad and the Field Mushrooms. In the past discovering what Mr. Canny could and couldn’t not eat was trial and error, working out what dairy could be left out in order to ensure it was suitable.imageAlas he was unable to join us as he was working, so I took along the teenager instead. With both of us vegetarians, we chose dishes that leaned heavily on cheese. We often find in restaurants that this ingredient is used as the substitute to meat to add flavour and texture to a meal. image The Teen chose Cheesy Nachos to start (not pictured), while I opted for Goats Cheese. Studded with cloves of garlic and served with a balsamic onion chutney, it was a good starter. Some bread might have also worked well alongside, but the salad kept this starter light enough so as not to spoil my appetite for main course.  image I picked out Tempura Vegetables as the piece de resistance, which came with a sweet and sour sauce and rice. The photo above doesn’t do the portion size justice at all and, at just £9.95, was great value for money. imageThe Teen loves Lasagne, so it was obvious he would seek their veggie-friendly version on the standard menu to order. With a choice of skinny fries or chunky chips, and a side of salad, this was also another belly buster. They don’t do things by half at South Causey!image Of course, he’s a growing lad, so still had space for a huge slab of Malteaser Cheesecake. I had hoped he’d share with me, but there was no chance. I was allowed a sample, but then he started to bat my spoon away. He definitely enjoyed it!image imageHe made short work of all three courses, and he was resolute his favourite was the cheesecake. It was the first time he’d visited South Causey, and said he liked the ‘olde worlde charm’ of the place.


We’d definitely recommend a trip to South Causey Inn if you haven’t already been, especially if you have dietary requirements like we do. It’s not often a restaurant or pub will put on a special menu like this which caters specifically for vegetarians and vegans. It was good to see a selection of dishes feature more than the standard couscous and salad options we’re usually served up, and the prices were great for the portions served up.

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