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A bit of an epic round up this week for fear I may forget somewhere we’ve visited of late! I promise I do actually use my kitchen 🙂

Stairwayz Cafe, Low Fell

Hidden above the shops on the High Street, you’d be forgiven for not knowing about Stairwayz. We visited as other local establishments had no mention of anything on their menus that we felt could be abridged for Mr. Canny. With a menu located in the doorway, you can make your decision before you make the trek up the stairs (hence the name!) to get to the cafe.

It was very busy, but we managed to grab a table as a family was leaving. Filled with a mix of older clientele enjoying sponge puddings drenched in custard and young families, Stairwayz has a welcoming feel. Explaining his veganism, the owner popped out to get some soy milk for Mr. Canny’s Latte. He said they normally have it readily available, but a touch like this shows the owners care about their customers and giving them what they want.


Mr. Canny ordered their Vegetarian Breakfast without eggs or veggie sausages, which weren’t suitable for him. It was a bit lacklustre, and Chatterbox just along the road does a better affair. I’m sure their meaty offering is more impressive.


I ordered a Cheese & Onion Toastie with a side order of ‘Granny Chips’. The food was plentiful and reasonable quality for the price. The cakes on offer look spot-on, but there was no room afterwards. With the opening of The Nest close by, I wonder how Stairwayz will fare with its limited access, but they certainly seem to be delighting the folks of Low Fell if the wait for tables was anything to go by.


Tenji Japanese Buffet, Newcastle

I’m not normally a fan of all you can eat, feeling that the quality of food is compromised by the pile it high mentality. It doesn’t usually inspire confidence in anyone with a discerning palate, and I wasn’t sure how great quickly knocked up sushi would be visiting Tenji Japanese Buffet, located on the outskirts of the city. We presumed that as Oriental cuisine tends to feature a lot of tofu and vegetables we’d be on safe ground for Mr. Canny, so dropped by on a Saturday afternoon to give it a go.


The clientele was a mixed bag for the time of day, with slightly inebriated Geordies sitting beside tables occupied by whole branches of Japanese family trees. After a confusing explanation of their unlimited drinks offer, the sozzled blokes began to make more sense. For £8.90 per person you can accompany your Teppanyaki with enough Fosters to sink a small vessel, although Mr. Canny chose more refined bottles of Japanese beer to sup during the course of the meal!


We were less than impressed with the availability of food, and were continually told that they’d ‘run out’ of certain items. At 4pm? I don’t think so. It wasn’t as if we were the only diners left in the restaurant either. They were clearly preparing for the evening onslaught, and we felt cheated that the ’40 made fresh to order’ dishes of Dim Sum, Rice and Noodles were not suitable for Mr. Canny (according to our waitress). What we did get a chance to sample before it ran out was actually really good, which made it all the more disappointing that it wasn’t being replenished. At £17.90 per person I felt we’d have been better going to St. Sushi.

Jesmond Dene House Afternoon Tea

Last weekend I was treated to a lovely surprise by two ladies I have met during my blogging exploits. I was taken to Jesmond Dene House for Afternoon Tea to celebrate the impending arrival of Herbie. Having reviewed JDH so many times (see here for a post on the Best Afternoon Teas in the NE for further proof) I decided to take my reviewers head off and just enjoy the experience, but I’m anticipating a post from Katie (Lady from a Tramp) soon about our visit. In the meantime, here are some photos from the afternoon.image image image

Fujiyama, Newcastle

In my opinion, Fujiyama is one of the most underrated places to eat in Newcastle. I featured it in a post during Restaurant Week last year, saying what a great place it is to take kids. I prefer it to Hanahana, another Teppanyaki style Japanese restaurant which is located a few doors away. While its neighbour may adorn their walls with photos of the Newcastle players who’ve eaten there, Fujiyama makes up for a lack of starry clientele in the friendliness of staff.

Mr. Canny didn’t have much of an appetite when we visited so he chose to have their Miso Soup and an appetiser from the menu. Jnr and I, on the other hand, chose different banquets which were cooked by the chef in front of us. We got involved in the egg tossing and various other activities and a great night was had by all. Our meal, with drinks, came to just under £60 and we left with happy tummies.image image image image image image image

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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  1. rachel

    OK… now I’m starving! Great post Emma!

  2. Samantha Rickelton

    We love Fujiyama for lunch with the kids – something a bit different! We got a bit sick of Hana Hana after a while as we went too many times and always ordered the same thing (string of pearls) ! Think a return visit is in order

  3. Stairwayz Cafe

    Thanks for reviewing Stairwayz, we’d love you pop in again soon and see what you think of the changes we’ve made.

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      We’d love to pop back, especially as you’re local to us 🙂


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