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I have featured Zizzi, the high street chain, on the Canny Food blog a fair few times on account of how well they accommodate vegans. I’ve said on many occasions it is often easier to plump for eating in a ubiquitous restaurant than venturing into the unknown of an independent, especially if you’re in a strange city and don’t have the trusty Happy Cow app to rely on for helpful tips.

With new new items added to the menu recently I decided to do a round up of all the wonderful SFV (suitable for vegans) dishes Zizzi serve up in their restaurants up and down the country. This may seem like an ad for them but I can assure you I have not been paid for it, mores the pity! I feel many will benefit from knowing what alternatives are available and perhaps realise that vegans don’t exist on salad alone – although they do have one on the menu in the form of the Green Goddess Broccoli Salad 😉

Mr. Canny has always had a bugbear with the fact we have to order from the allergen menu as vegans. His criticism is focused on the fact that this is a dietary choice and not something we are forced into because of a life threatening reaction to nuts. Personally, I’m grateful that restaurants such as Zizzi put thought into what they serve up to us and try to allay some of the fears we may have about dining out. As regular readers of the blog know – and other vegans will attest also – there are times we have been erroneously given animal products and it isn’t pleasant. The restaurant has now started marking its ‘standard’ menu with the VE symbol, although it is advisable to request the Allergen Menu when wanting to order a starter, etc. This visibility of alternatives may, I hope, encourage others to try out dairy and egg free food in the future. We have previously reviewed Zizzi (which you can read here) and tried out the SFV Bruschetta and Lentil Ragu. I felt the sauce was a touch wetter than I’d have personally liked but was happy more than one sauce other than Pomodoro is available for a pasta toppings. At the time there was a vegan Dessert Calzone on offer, which has now been replaced by a Sticky Chocolate & Praline Torte (5.95). This is so indulgent I hope naysayers are ordering this dessert and shocked at how dairy free puds can be! It also happens to be gluten free too. I’m not sure why the Banana Calzone is no longer suitable when it remains on the menu, so I think I will pose the question to Zizzi on Twitter to see what the reason is.The addition of crumbled honeycomb and the Coconut and Chocolate Ripple Gelato cuts through some of the richness. There’s also been a Strawberry Sorbet added to the menu too, but we’re always offered these so we’ll gloss over that 🙂

Zizzi’s pizzas are available in three different bases – Rustica (pictured above, perfect for those with a larger appetite), Classic (pictured below) and Gluten Free.

Available as a standard Margherita with dairy free cheese – or you can pay an additional fee for more veggies, etc. – I feel there has been a lot of thought put in to the vegan offering on the part of Zizzi. I personally prefer the Classic, feeling that the Rustica’s thin base doesn’t work as well with the vegan cheese. The sturdy Classic has more depth to hold the extra toppings too.

 I hope this whistle-stop guide to what is on offer at Zizzi has given you plenty of food for thought. It’s great to see so many places embracing the concept of vegan food and long may this continue!

Thanks for reading,

Pip x

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