Zizzi’s New Vegan Pizza- The Arcobaleno

We decided to call into Zizzi recently to try out the newly launched Arcobaleno, an addition to the menu during Veganuary. Featuring hipster favourite avocado, this pizza is also topped with vegan cheese and beetroot balls. I wasn’t overly sure how this combination of ingredients would work, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was. 

Selling for £10.75, other components include sun blushed tomatoes and chilli threads. To have so many vegan options on the menu is great, especially when it doesn’t feel like a compromise. With other pizzas like the Zucca and Pepperonata available, I can foresee more trips to Zizzi over the next couple of months.

The Lentil Ragu has certainly improved since our last visit, and I’m impressed by the fact Zizzi has two decent vegan desserts in the form of a Sticky Chocolate and Praline Torte and the Banana Calzone we’d enjoyed in the past. The popularity of Zizzi during Veganuary- especially as they are running a 2-4-1 on vegan main courses during the month- meant I missed out on the torte, although I imagine it isn’t too dissimilar to ASK’s Blood Orange version as they are sister establishments. 

The Arcobaleno is available nationwide but only during January, so pop along to your local branch to give it a try.

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