Staiths Cafe, Dunston – Saturday Pop Up Events

A few weekends ago myself and Mr. Canny found ourselves at a loose end with Dinky and empty cupboards. Rather than trailing to Newcastle for a ‘sitty down’ meal I suggested we tried Staiths Cafe for their weekly pop up instead. I’d previously posted about this event as part of a weekly round up, when we picked up a takeaway tea from Tandoori Naan Hut as I couldn’t muster the energy to cook.

This particular week saw Canny Food favourites Smokin’ Barbecue Co. serving up delicious veggie hot dogs, and we sampled a few of the options while partaking in a beer. I also enjoyed one of the cafe’s lovely Chocolate Brownies too 🙂

It made me think how hard it is for parents like us – who don’t have a lot of family round to help out with babysitting duties – to go out on a weekend. While we frequently dine with the kids in restaurants, we try to be careful on a weekend. Fridays and Saturdays are often ‘date nights’ for couples escaping their own sprogs, and the last thing they want is ours spoiling their quality time. Dinky is incredibly well behaved for the most part, but she’s been known to have a few tears when she becomes overly tired.

These events are perfect for families, especially as the takeaway option is available if the cafe is too busy or the kids start working themselves. Staiths Cafe are also supporting some great independents like Tokyo Kitchen and Chuchos by offering up their kitchens for the evening. Below is their schedule up until the end of March, and I know we’ll definitely be popping back for the hot dogs in February. It is advised to reserve a table if wishing to dine in as some of the pop ups can get extremely busy. 

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