Enchanted Parks 2017 – A Photo Diary

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, especially now Dinky is around to enjoy the festivities with. We have lots of lovely family outdoor activities planned during December which means the jumpers and winter coats are now out of storage and hanging back in the hallway. There’s something quite magical about the North East during the festive season, especially with a little one in tow.

We’ve been documenting Enchanted Parks for the last few years on the blog (you can see photos from last year’s event here) and I was excited to take Dinky along for her first taste of this annual event at Saltwell Park. The Teen decided he was too old to come along this year, so it was just the two of us bundled up on the first official run through of this year’s event. There’s a different theme yearly which really adds to the magic of it all for me.

This year we follow the story of Ursula Wailes, the eldest daughter of William Wailes and heiress to the Saltwell Towers Estate. Ursula makes a gift of Saltwell Park to the people of Gateshead and, after filling the park with incredible inventions, plants from all over the world and wonderful creatures, she captures the imagination of children and adults alike; many reporting that the park itself feels ‘alive’. You can see a trailer for the event here.

As we always do, I’m sharing a few of my photos from the evening but trying not to spoil too much. My particular favourite was Ursula Lassos the Moon on Saltwell Lake.

You can pop to Goldie and Scream for Pizza if you’re feeling peckish, and there’s also Christmas Market being held this year within the Towers, for those who want to stock up on Christmas gifts. There’s still tickets available (£8 adults, children 3+ £3, 3 and under free) and I highly recommend a trip, even if you don’t have little ones to entertain. I won’t spoil the pyrotechnic finale but it is impressive. A trip around Saltwell Park taking in the installations will certainly get you in the festive mood! This might be the best year to date, in our opinion.

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    WOW! What wonderful lights!!!!


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