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I may be on the slippery slope to 40 now but that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally want to be silly. When I was asked if our family wanted to visit a Jump 360 in Hartlepool I jumped at the chance¬†(pun intended). I decided to take the Teen and his two cousins along – 15, 12 & 11 – for the activities, and all seemed completely surprised I was planning on getting involved in the fun too. The Teen was super embarrassed at first that his old mum wanted to bounce around but as time wore on he found it incredibly amusing ūüôā

Trampolining is a great way to burn off calories without even realizing, which was part of the appeal for me. I haven’t been very active since the birth of Dinky and this seemed like a hassle-free way of making up for the copious amounts of food I tuck away thanks to this blog! According to an article I recently read,¬†10 minutes of trampolining can burn as many calories as 30 mins of jogging. I know which I’d prefer! It’s also less stressful on your joints, and¬†is also fab for keeping the kids amused on rainy days. It is definitely something I will get the little one involved in when she’s old enough.

We arrived just before our 12 o’clock start time decked out in comfy clothes. We were given grippy socks¬†(which are ¬£2 but you can reuse them next time you visit)¬†and a wristband so we knew what time to leave the park. At the allotted time we were ushered into a room and watched a safety video, which I’ll admit made me a bit nervous as a mum. I think it was important that the dangers of being silly in the park were made clear to the children in the room.

Once out into the park, I was surprised by the number of activities there were. Far from just jumping round on the trampolines, there was lots to do to get all of your muscles working hard. My first port of call was the climbing wall. I used to love bouldering but it’s been a long time since I’ve given it a go. The wall is supposed to be navigated in as short a time as possible, with a pit of foam cubes beneath should you lose your footing. I got halfway across before I took a dive. I knew my arms and shoulders were going to feel the burn the following day!

The Teen and his cousin enjoyed battling it out with pugil sticks, Gladiators style, while my niece enjoyed jumping¬†onto the massive airbag. I’ll¬†admit that I tried¬†on several¬†occasions to do this but was too chicken once I got to the top of the stairs!

We tried out everything within the trampoline park during the hour long slot. The Teen was trying hard to perfect his flips while I was just happy to be getting some exercise. Other mums were bouncing round too, but you can always head for the upstairs caf√© if it isn’t your sort of thing. You can enjoy a cuppa in peace while keeping an eye on the kiddiesquinks!

There is a play area for smaller children in the park, although we didn’t look around this with Dinky not in tow.

Price start from £10 per person and you can find out more here. There are parks in Hartlepool, Stockton and one is soon to open in Newcastle. With the unpredictable weather it is good to have a back-up plan during the holidays to keep the kids entertained. I think Jump 360 is a great place to visit if you fancy trying something new, want to be more active or are looking for somewhere to take the kids to burn off some of that energy they seem to have.

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Pip x

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