Let’s Play Big, Washington

With Dinky now mobile and super inquisitive we’re always on the lookout for ways to keep her entertained. Let’s Play Big, which is situated not far from B&Q in Washington, is a role play venue within a former industrial unit that is great for little explorers. The idea is that the children can play in the specially created village, complete with a hairdressers, corner shop and other places of interest for them to roam around. There are dress-up boxes dotted round so they can pretend to be fairies or a fire person and ride along cars to drive along the road they have marked out through the play area.

Mums, Dads and Grans can participate too, or can watch the children from the café area. There was a selection of sandwiches and cakes on offer, although disappointingly nothing for a vegan. I flagged this as gluten free options were mentioned on a chalkboard. I’m sure there are many children with dairy allergies that visit and are unable to enjoy anything more than a bag of crisps or popcorn that’s on offer. The menu said there was Hummus and a Soup of the Day that potentially would have been suitable, but apparently there wasn’t much demand for these and they have been removed. I have offered to message via Twitter a few suggestions to help cater for vegans in the future so watch this space.

I ordered a Unicorn Hot Chocolate – there is a child’s version available too – and a Ham & Cheese Panini for my sister, and a cappuccino and Quiche for my Mum. I just had a soft drink and the total was just over £15. I felt this was reasonable value for money compared to other activity venues we’ve visited in the past.Dinky is the right age now to visit somewhere like Let’s Play Big. She’s been walking for a few months and is interacting well with other children since she started nursery. We’ve noticed she has conversations with her soft toys and seems to play shop with items from the cupboards at home. She often sits on the floor in the kitchen while I’m devising recipes for the blog so I knew she’d thoroughly enjoy the kitchen area where she pretended to make some food and wash the dishes. This is a safe environment for the children to explore on their own and to have fun.

Let’s Play Big is a great way to encourage children to communicate and develop their imagination. It was £5 for a 90 minute session, by which time Dinky was flagging. She hadn’t had a nap all day and it became a bit too much for her. Other kids were still running around and playing right until the end of the session but we had to leave when the tears started. We didn’t book and just turned up, although its worth noting – which we didn’t realise –  that entry can only be during the allotted time slots. We arrived just after 11:30 to find no-one around at reception and that we’d missed the start of play initially. We went shopping and popped back later in the day. Check their website for the times available.

Having watched Dinky play it is something we will definitely do again in the near future. It’s the perfect rainy day activity and I enjoyed allowing her to have free reign on her play time. I also didn’t have to tidy up afterwards, which is always a bonus! Things have sure changed a lot in the 14 years between the Teen and his little sister and it’s great that there are lots of ‘entertainment’ options like this on offer. Beats sitting round soft play, that’s for sure 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Pip x


  1. NewcastleFamilyLife

    This looks like fun, my little two would love here as they adore role play centres xx

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      It is great there’s so many ways to entertain the little ones now 🙂

  2. catherine hooper

    My girls would have loved these when they were little! why did no one think of them sooner! the food looks good and home made too!

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      It’s amazing how things have changed in such a short space of time 🙂


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