Mog on the Tyne, Newcastle

image image imageI hadn’t planned on writing a post about Mog on the Tyne, the recently opened cat cafe in Newcastle. I felt other bloggers had done a better job of summing up this fab venture than I ever could (see posts here and here for proof). That said, in the interests of Canny Food being a comprehensive guide a trip was necessary, and my birthday afforded me with a great opportunity to venture there with Jnr.

We both had reservations about our visit. Jnr was adamant he didn’t want to go, stating we could sit at home and stroke our own cat for an hour for free. I pointed out Gizmo is not the cuddliest cat we’ve ever encountered, and it would be nice to try something ‘a bit different’. I also pointed out to him that bookings were like hen’s teeth, and I wasn’t going to waste ours. For me, I was concerned about the kitty cats. We, on occasion, volunteer at the local cat and dog shelter and are very much ‘cat people’. There had been a few tweets reassuring people that the cats were looked after and staff were trained, so that set my mind at ease. I was also iffy about the fact there was food served, but this is prepared off site for H&S reasons. The cakes and brownies are made by Canny Food favourites Pet Lamb Patisserie, so we knew we’d enjoy them.

image image imageimageWe were first to arrive for our 5pm slot, and the kitties were fresh from a break. There are no bookings taken between 3 – 5pm to ensure the cats have some downtime in between visitors, which I thought was a great idea. We were asked to remove our outdoor footwear and were offered slippers at the door, then asked to anti-bac our hands. Once inside the cats were initially very interested in us, then their curiosity waned. We were given some kitty treats to tempt them back, but once our cake arrived they needed no further encouragement! The warning on the wall not to feed them was heeded by us, but the kitties tended to ignore that 🙂 There’s an area downstairs under development, which is quite exciting.

imageimageWe’d had a large lunch earlier in the day, so decided to split a slice of the rather delicious Victoria Sponge Cake. I’d seen so many fantastic pictures on Instagram of their Catacinos, but had to stick to a soft drink. Next time I’ll definitely be having a hot chocolate, which comes laced with marshmallows and whipped cream. I’m sure I’ll need a stick to keep the kitties of it, though!

image image image image imageThe hour was up before we knew it and Jnr was incredibly disappointed to bid farewell to Stan, Gizmo, Jaffa and all the other cuties we met during our visit. He mithered me to make another booking asap, so I think his initial reticence has waned! Entrance into the cafe is £5 each, which covers the upkeep of the cafe’s residents. The refreshments are reasonably priced too, and we felt it was definitely worth our pennies.

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Pip x

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  1. Mandy Charlton

    I really need to book in and go here, it looks all kinds of awesome though I’m also waiting for Catpawcino to open which has rare breed kitties. One day I shall open my own place called Beagles, Bagels and Beer 😉

  2. Alison

    I quite fancy the idea of cats in a cafe but not got round to visiting. I would love a puppy cafe, how much fun would that be


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