Review – Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

It is super hard during half term to keep kids amused and not spending a fortune. The average trip to the cinema seems to cost us £30 with sweets and drinks factored in. I remember a much simpler time when a trip to the beach was considered a ‘big day out’ and I was happy if my Gran bought me an ice cream or a bag of chips as a treat!
As Jnr is approaching the Terrible Teens I find it hard to engage him in conversations about much other than computer games. He’d happily hide in his ‘boy pit’ all day, playing on whatever noisy game his friends are. In an attempt to stop his eyes turning square I ‘dragged’ him along to the Laing Art Gallery during the holiday as it has free entry.
For my sins I can’t recall visiting the Gallery previously. I probably did as a child on a school trip, but it’s not something that stuck in my mind. I chose this venue as Lucas is from an ‘arty’ family. Definitely not from me, my ‘best’ attempt involves snail doodles! His Dad works in the computer games industry as a Concept Artist, his Grandfather previously worked as an Art Director, his Gran an Art Teacher and his uncle also works as an Artist in the games industry. Everyone expected Jnr to be the next Picasso with a pedigree like that! He definitely tries to live up to this, but he seems more ‘academic’ to me.


When I mentioned an art gallery visit to him he was enthusiastic, especially when I said we’d be having tea and cake afterwards. We unfortunately missed the Jonathan Yeo exhibit, which ended at the start of February. We chose to look round the local artists the gallery features.



There were some standout pieces for us. The wood carving of Gerrard Robinson was breathtaking in its intricacy. It was hard to believe this was fashioned by human hand. We were also impressed by the picture on display by John Martin. His work is clearly influenced by Bible stories. We sat in a room while a light and sound show played, highlighting the drama of his work. Awesome.
There’s a cafe in the gallery, but we had plans to sample food elsewhere in Newcastle after our walk around. The gallery features art areas for children to doodle. In one part there was an Art class happening with some teens, which Jnr said looked interesting. We really enjoyed our visit and would highly recommend it to others. A great budget day out for the whole family.
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  1. Lee Burns

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  2. Lee Burns

    Good old Laing. I like the bombast of John Martin.

  3. North East Family fun

    I remember school trips here – I am looking forward to the Picasso paintings that are opening next month. Although there is a £6 charge I think it will be worth it!

  4. Emma Phillips

    Thanks for the tip! Didn't realise they were running that exhibit. Such a great local place to go with the kids, and often overlooked in favour of the Baltic.


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