The Big Spoon, Cramlington

Recently a friend posted a photo of a large spoon near Cramlington and I thought it would make an interesting photo album with Dinky. It’s not often you’ll find a 15ft piece of art in the middle of nowhere! It was more difficult to find than I’d anticipated but worth the effort.

I parked at The Bay Horse Inn and made a stop here afterwards with the little one to change her nappy and have a quick drink before making the journey home to Gateshead. There were toys available so she was kept entertained. The food menu was limited for those with dietary requirements, but if you like your meat I’m sure there’ll be something to choose from.

After parking cross the road and you will see a bus stop. Head there and you will see an underpass. Head along this path and you will find the track which will lead you to the spoon.

The whole visit took just over an hour. Dinky walked on her own as the trail wasn’t suitable for a pushchair. Be aware that there are a lot of nettles along the pathway and make sure your little ones are covered up. She was wearing a dress and developed a rash on her legs afterwards. Don’t forget the wellies if it’s been raining. Your little ones will make a beeline for the muddy puddles!

It is directly under a flight path into Newcastle Airport and she was quite excited at the planes passing over us. 

Eat for England, which is its official title, was installed in 2006 as part of a lottery-funded art project.

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Pip x

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  1. Kate | Afternoon Tees

    I had absolutely no idea that there was a big spoon in the middle of Cramlington! I’ll have to go and check it out 🙂

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Let me know how you get on 🙂

  2. Sam | North East Family Fun Travel Blog

    Can you believe I’ve never been! We used to live in the new estate by the hospital too which really isn’t far. Lush pics of Dinky x

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      She’s certainly more photogenic than her Mummy 🙂 You’ll have to get along. I’m hearing now that there’s other pieces dotted around the area so might get a whole cutlery set on here!


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