Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen, Leeds

Getting to know a new city is great. We’ve spent a lot of time in and around Leeds recently through work which has afforded us a great opportunity to seek out new places to try vegan food. Following on from the fantastic meal we had at Bundobust we were given another great recommendation through friends on social media.

Belgrave Music Hall is home to a gig venue as well as a couple of in-house food traders and a menu of craft beers. We’d heard on the grapevine there was likely to be vegan pizza on offer from Dough Boys, one of the ‘locals’, so popped in for a speedy lunch while in the vicinity.

A bit of a hipster haven, having a plaid shirt and a beard aren’t compulsory but they certainly seem to help. We spotted more than a few examples of man buns while munching on the TVF, a slice of pizza heaven topped with roasted mushrooms and butternut squash puree. The whole combo was delicious.. the pizza, not the quirky hairdos!

A Leeds-based alternative to our beloved Pizza by the Slice in Newcastle’s Grainger Market, Dough Boys have a range of slices to choose from that are quickly heated in the oven before being served on a brown paper bag.

Dressed with homemade vegan garlic mayo, the TVF seemed decidedly decadent. At no point did I miss the tomato and cheese base as the creamy sauce compensated. Dough Boys produce daily specials which we’ve scrutinised on Facebook since our visit and they all look top-notch. Compared to some of the chains who serve uninspiring veggie-topped pizzas, these guys are coming up with alliances like ‘Masala-rama’ (bhaji pieces, tikka squash) and ‘Nice Nice Chilli Vegan Slice ( roasted cauli, kidney beans and pickles chilli). Half price slices are available Sunday to Thursday between 12pm and 7pm, as well as on Saturday from 12-5pm.

Patty Smith’s Burgers also offered a vegan option in the shape of a beetroot and cannellini bean patty, despite the fact the menu on the table only mentioned fries as the SFV alternative. On the day we visited there was also a special with the amusing monkier ‘Kaleing in the Name’; a sharing tray of fries with nutritional yeast, kale and vegan mayo. If we hadn’t been so full from the pizza we’d have given it a try!

Belgrave Music Hall host veggie and vegan events each month so it is definitely worth following them on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up-to-date on what’s going on at this trendy venue. Having spotted Nightmares on Wax are playing soon I’d also suggest checking out the gigs too. We’ll be popping in again for a speedy lunch next time we’re passing through.

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