Best Cafes in Newcastle

Following on from my review of The Whistler Tearooms I decided to write a post about some of the lovely coffee shops we have in Newcastle. Nothing makes me happier than a decent cuppa and cake!
I have previous blogged about my love of Pani’s and have seen lots of reviews recently of the newly refurbished Tyneside Cinema Cafe Bar, but here are my picks of places which deserved some love.
I’m often asked to recommend vegetarian restaurants or to include more about the veggie options on a menu when I eat out. I should be more empathetic as I was vegetarian for a while. Most people say it was a bacon sandwich that reverted them back to the ‘dark side’, for me it was a dire lack of decent options available when I ate out. I recently heard about Tea Sutra via Twitter and decided to see what the fuss was about.
I got completely lost trying to find it, which is a bit pathetic given my local knowledge. If I’d twigged it was next door to Magic Box it would have saved me some swears, that’s for sure!
It is located up some stairs, and there are treatment rooms for alternative therapies as you walk through. The cafe itself is very ‘hippy’, to use my mother’s vernacular. There’s a platform covered in cushions to sit on, sans shoes of course, where a dreadlocked girl was meditating while we tucked into our Vanilla Rooibos Cake and Hojicha green tea.
You aren’t going to find a cup of Tetley in here, that’s for sure! My veggie and vegan friends will love to learn that all the food they serve caters solely for them. They had a Chilli and some Butternut Squash Soup on the menu on the day we visited, but we’d already eaten elsewhere.
A cup of special blend tea and some cake will set you back around £7.50, although as each tea blend is individually priced this can vary. You can’t help but feel relaxed when here, and is a little haven of calm in the Toon. I wanted to join the dreadlocked girl for some R&R; 🙂
Quilliam Brothers has been around for a little while now and is very popular with the students of Newcastle based on its proximity to Newcastle University. They have endeared themselves to a loyal fan base with cinema evenings, board games and super tasty cakes. It’s located not far from Haymarket Metro station, opposite the Hancock Museum. The menu is fab and has a quirky vibe, with local favourites like stotties featured. It really is a must-visit place, and we love their cake!
Pink Lane Coffee will always be a great meeting point for me. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m particularly fond of their hot chocolate and green tea. We visited on Friday and there was some amazing Red Velvet Cake available. The chairs are identical to the ones my primary school had, which always makes me chuckle, and I love the map wallpaper featured in the toilets.
I hope this round up is helpful next time you’re in the Toon and craving a cuppa.
Thanks for reading,
Pip x
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  1. North East Family fun

    Thanks for the mention 😀 Really fancy trying tea sutra xxx

  2. newcastle familylife

    I have seen all these places but have never actually visited any of them as when we go for a drink in town we always go to one of the coffee chains or good old m & s , i need to try some new places x

  3. Emma Phillips

    You really should. I think even the kids would like it x

  4. Emma Phillips

    I get a bit nervous as I am a creature of habit, but we really have some great new places in Newcastle that often could use the patronage more than the Costas & Starbucks x


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