Bubble Pop Waffles in Newcastle

Hearing that Creams – an American style dessert diner – was launching a new menu featuring Bubble Pop Waffles got me thinking. These street snacks were popular in Hong Kong before making their way to the shores of Blighty, for those not familiar with the concept. The egg waffles can be served hot or cold and are usually filled with ice cream and assorted sweet treats like Oreos. Not all crazes are worth bothering with and wondered whether this would be another trend that would go Insta-crazy for a few weeks at best.

Clearly this dessert is not vegan-friendly and it was the Teen who wanted to give them a try. As well as the varieties featured on the Creams menu the waffles could be customised too. He opted for the More Oreo minus the butterscotch sauce, which we requested was swapped out for chocolate instead. £7.25 seemed expensive for a waffle, no matter how fancy, but it was a treat for him. 

I was limited in terms of what I could eat myself at Creams, with such a dairy-laden dessert menu on offer. I was advised that the sorbets were suitable for those who are vegan or avoid dairy, so ordered two scoops – one  Amalfi Lemon and the other Raspberry. Nice enough but hardly exciting. 

The Teen wasn’t as enthused as I expected with his waffle which, as you can see from my photo, didn’t live up to the expectations of Cream’s own in-house promotional items. He removed the Oreo before I had a chance to snap away, I’ll confess, but the raggedy edges were exactly how it arrived. No Instagram worthy dessert served here, it has to be said.

We decided to compare it to the same waffles served at Bread Point, a Chinese bakery located just off Clayton Street in the city centre. 

Their Oreo Crunch was just £4.95 and was made to order as we waited. Loaded with cookies it seemed generous compared to Cream’s version.

My sister tried out the Nuts About Banana version and was raving about it afterwards. The waffles differ from the traditional version with a slightly crisp exterior. They lack the doughy chew but are lighter and sweeter.I obviously still couldn’t indulge in these treats on account of their allergen content but wanted to share them with readers of the blog who may find these desserts of interest. You can pick up a range of baked goods like custard tarts, hot dog rolls, and stuffed buns at Bread Point while you’re there. These Teddy Buns made us laugh. We don’t know what they witnessed but they’ve clearly been scarred!The Teen was full of praise for Bread Point’s version, which I felt was better value for money than Cream’s. It would be great if egg replacements like flax became commonplace so vegans can enjoy desserts like this in the future, but until then I’ll have to treat my not-so-little one from time to time.

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Pip x

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  1. Paula Goude

    I’ve not seen these yet. I love waffles and I love ice cream so I’ll give them a go when I do find them locally. I’ll take a look at how other customers products look first though – your first one really looked disappointing!

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      Considering the price it was definitely lacklustre. Better to visit independents where possible, although it still is a gamble!


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