Geet Big Shakes Part Two, The Great British Cupcakery

imageimageThere definitely appears to be a theme with my posts on the blog this week! While chatting with Katie Meehan about our Saucy Burger freakshakes she informed me that The Great British Cupcakery had some new flavours of their Geet Big Shakes on offer. I have been back numerous times since my trip to try out their Canny Caramel Shake, but had always ordered other things. This prompted me to plan another lunchtime trip to sample one of the new flavours, and my friend enthusiastically agreed to come along too.


The new options are Etoon Mess (topped with meringue and strawberry), Mega Minty (mint choc chip biscuit on a minty milkshake), Bonny Blue and Wey-aye-t Chocolate and Raspberry. I ordered the Bonny Blue, which has a cream cheese ice cream base and is topped with a chunk of blueberry compote covered cheesecake. image


My friend chose Wey-aye-t, which was crowned with a blondie stack and white chocolate shards. Both shakes had a plain creamy base, which she felt could use a bit more flavouring. I didn’t mind as mine offset the sharp blueberry compote. Both the cheesecake and blondie were good individually, which you’d expect from a bakery. At £5 they are good value for money, and they certainly create a talking point in the cafe. Nearly every table while we were there had ordered one, the Canny Caramel being the most popular choice. I can’t say I disagree, and it remains my favourite. I’ll happily try out the other flavours in the future though.. for research purposes, of course.


We’d highly recommend a trip to the cafe if you haven’t already been. The high quality of food, quaint interior and friendly atmosphere make it a great place to while away time on Newcastle’s Quayside. Laura couldn’t manage the doorstop Brie and Caramelised Onion Sandwich she ordered alongside her freakshake as the portion was so big. Definitely visit with an appetite! I took home an Oreo Brownie for the Teen and a Mars Bar Slice for me which we feasted on while watching Masterchef. They are our particular favourites from the counter to take away, should you not have room after your milkshake!

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  1. mandy charlton

    I’ve never ever had a big milkshake from anywhere because I’m fairly sure it would make me put on at least 5lb in weight, oh to be able to eat whatever I wanted 🙁 I would love to try them though, never been to the Great British Cupcakery either for the same reason, my tummy is already too large!

    1. Emma Phillips (Post author)

      I’m sure the kids would love them. Mine is always disappointed that he seems to miss out on a trip here, but it gets too busy on a weekend for him to have been for a Geet Big Shake yet.

  2. Eats

    I NEED a Wey-ay-t Chocolate and Raspberry one! Looks amazing!

    Eats X

  3. Newcastle FamilyLife

    I really need to visit here as I keep hearing such great things. My teen would love those shakes xx


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